Utah-Based Dark Post Punk Artist Glume Releases “Human Touch”

Human Touch” is a song by Glume that focuses on our need for human connection and the turmoil that comes with it. Our fear of being hurt for the first time or even for a repeated time is too overwhelming and we’re stuck with an aching longing for connection. The darkened soundscapes are coupled with an upbeat synth-wave on the outer edges. As Glume meanders through the music, you’re able to hone in on the lyrics and discover that the words match the exact sentiment captured by the music. “Human Touch” keeps things concise yet relevant, the sections each work well to offer dynamic and to hold the audience’s attention, and still that smooth overall vibe maintains a level of calm that’s a pleasure to be surrounded by.

Glume is a project from talented solo artist Tyler Tovey. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Glume personifies the grunge of post-punk and fuses it flawlessly with coldwave, while keeping the melancholia of darkwave alive. He blends an ambient soundscape over the heavy subject matter of an individual dealing with emotional turmoil and tortured feelings to the core.

Check out “Human Touch” here and catch up with Glume below in our interview! 

"Vacant Eyes Can't Dream" has many layers and different concepts. What’s the overall theme you were trying to achieve with this record?

This record is a very personal album that I wrote last winter while I was feeling very alone and isolated in my life.I just channeled everything that I was feeling about different aspects of my life, lost love, isolation, and the fascination of how fragile life is.So I guess the theme I was going for was dark isolation with a underlying fascination with death.

What do you hope your fans take away from your music?

I hope that my fans take away everything I put into it, my fans seem to be on a similar level as I am. The feeling of isolation and feeling like an outsider, I have felt that way my whole life and I consider it a great thing honestly, my fans and friends seem to be the same way. I hope to be an outlet and an escape for my fans.

What does the track “Human Touch” represent for you? Can you dive into the lyrics and tell us the meaning behind it?

That song is a very personal track that I wrote about my past relationship.Long story short I was in a long and meaningful relationship, we were in love and very happy for years and then suddenly everything changed. My heart got very broken I felt very alone and lost because of it, I lost a best friend and she did as well. It hardened me and left me feeling like I could never get close to another human being again.In the song I say "The love of someone the human touch, the quivering emotion, the goosebumps. Human love, human touch, I can't get close and I can't move on." That is basically the reflection of how at the beginning of a relationship it is new and exciting, you can only see the good and never even seem to see how it may end. Then life takes its course, people change, life changes and relationships don't work out.

Which track from “Vacant Eyes Can't Dream” would you say in the most personal to you? Why?

"Vacant Eyes Can't Dream", that song IS the theme of the album.The tones I chose on that track, the repeating reverb drums that build as the dark synth lines fade in, and especially the lyrics. That songs is 100% dark and isolated. A reflection of feeling lost and hopeless, and a reflection on how things change people.

What do you hope to achieve as an artist going forward? What’s next for you?

I hope to continue to achieve what I already have, true loyal fans that connect with my music and find it as a outlet for whatever they may be going through. I write my music for me, and me only. Music is my whole life and I will continue to make music until the day I die, whether I have fans for play it for or not.

Next for me is a new music video for the track "The Body" that is due to be out on Halloween this year, as well as continue to write new music for the next year, and play shows with my favorite bands.

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