Ute Expresses the Way Music Makes Her Feel

Welcome to BuzzMusic UTE! Do you mind introducing yourself to our readers and telling us a bit about your background! What initially drove you to create music?

My parents used to listen to all kinds of music. So I started to sing along very early. Instead of playing, I sang. I love singing outside in the garden, beach.

Considering “Music Makes Me Fly” was written from an introspective mindset, how would you describe your songwriting approach and where exactly did you find your inspiration for this song?

Singing for me means to spread your soul and open your heart. I always got the feeling I could fly when I sing.

Listening to “Music Makes Me Fly” everything sounded so smooth and effortless. Did you encounter any challenges during the creation of this song?

In what ways did you manage to overcome the obstacles to deliver this vibe? Less is more. I rather sing straight melodies, not too many harmonies and let space for my audience to relax and dream.

What do you hope your listeners take from this song?

To get into a good spirit, calm down, dream a little, forget their sorrows and problems.

Listen to UTE here.