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Ute Gives Us Her Inspirational Take On "We Won't Stop Dreaming"

Ute is as different as different gets! However without doing too much, she keeps to a simplistic nature while remaining a standout act. Her vocal skills has got her singing the national anthem for a football team for a long running 8 years. With a timeless, soft, and smooth jazz. Ute delivers melodies that sends chills down your spine. Her recent release “We Won’t Stop Dreaming” changed my entire current outlook on things. The inspirational lyrics moves you into a place where you need to be moved too. She gives you a sense of encouragement, and a feeling of a hope. This song is perfect for those who may be going through a time of despair and sadness. Although the melancholic piano keys produces beautiful melodies to create a rather gloomy vibe, it connects with you and your emotions on a deep and progressive level. You feel not only sad but also feel excited for what’s to come. Ute's voice is riveting. She doesn’t do any full ranged belts or excessive register changes but she still manages to give you a solid idea of how skilled she is with her voice while keeping a dimmed effect on the potential of her shifting through a whole new pitch and volume. Keeping the dynamics simple was smart on her end because in this case, you would want the piano and backtrack to blend in smoothly with your voice rather your beat sound like it’s fading away in the background. Ute could easily be a largely marketed success!

Be sure to listen to Ute's unique take on "We Won't Stop Dreaming"!


Connect with the artist, and keep updated with her latest activity and recent releases via her Youtube!


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