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UTE Showcases Her Poetic Skills With New Single “I’ll Stand By You”

UTE released the emotive and vulnerable single titled “I’ll Stand by you”. The sentimental record immediately begins with a soft and dwellsome piano melody with the vocalist mellifluous resonance serenading us alongside the subtle sad aura of the song. UTE released a video visual alongside the hit sound and the depiction of different artistic images in combination with the lyrics on each slide really help conveyed a story that may have been hard to interpret while listening. “I’ll Stand by you” is the perfect ‘venting’ song we can have on our playlist. It’s perfect for becoming intune with your emotions and allowing the lyrics and message to become projected into your mind. Music should have the intention to make us feel something other than just “oh this is a cool song” it should have the capability to let us feel an actual emotion rather it’s happiness, sadness, or simply energized and UTE successfully delivered.

Listen to "I'll Stand By You" here, and get to know UTE better in our interview below!

How did UTE come together?

Ute is my first name. Short and easy

“I’ll stand by you” seems to have a deeper meaning behind it, do you mind telling our readers the message behind the music?

No matter how dark life seems to be, I am here to help you, my fans, through. There are grey days and blue days. Don‘t give up, believe in your dreams

What was your overall artistic vision for the song?

It is a song for a movie called Teenage Girl Valeries Holiday. Coming out soon in the United States. I play a teacher in the movie who also sings and her message is the song. I sing the song live on stage in the movie.

What does music mean to you?

Music was my first love. When I sing I feel alive

Any upcoming plans and goals?

To be played all over the world through radio stations.


Connect with UTE:


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