UTE Teaches Us a Heartwarming Lesson with Her New Single "Rainbow"

Growing up in a household that put a huge emphasis on the power of music, UTE had always transpired to become a music artist.

Singing wherever she could, UTE would always have room to open her heart and soul in order to truly connect with the song she was singing. UTE has always been straight to the point with her sound, never leaving room for misinterpretation. Keeping her music light and airy, UTE is always trying to extend good spirits out to her listeners, and continues this theme with her recent song release, "Rainbow".

"Rainbow" starts off with melodic piano stylings, a prominent ambiance UTE's music unravels. Deep and harmonious vocalism quickly integrates into the heartwarming tempo and UTE ventures along with the storyline of the lessons within life. UTE pushes for positivity within "Rainbow", and attempts to convince listeners to see the light in every situation.

"Rainbow" is the type of single you'd listen to on a tougher day, as the inspiring lyricism is able to provide a bright light in the midst of darkness. UTE reminds her audience that in tough times, "there's always been a rainbow hanging over your head", and focuses on the zealousness of life. And for that reason, we're anticipating the next release of UTE and the warm embrace that will extend itself from it.

"Rainbow" is a song that hones in on embracing the positive aspects of life, even when tougher times come about. Where did you get the influence to write this type of song and how did you feel during the writing stage of it?

Rainbow is written by Kacey Musgraves. I chose the song for me to perform because of the message. Even when it rains and pours, you can still see a rainbow in the sky if you try. This means never give up hope, bad times, dark times can change within some days or weeks. 

What kind of approach would you say that you took on in "Rainbow"? Was there a certain feeling you wished to impart to listeners?

I wish my listeners to relax and to comfort them. To breath deeply and let it go

How do you think "Rainbow" compares to other songs you've released this year?!

It is a very low song in the keys. I am relaxed too when I sing in that kind of register. And this song is dedicated to my mum, Gabriele Schoenherr

Where do you see your sound extending itself from here?

More in part of bringing out good vibes, positive thinking and there will a Christmas single this Holiday Season with the name Santa is knocking at my door

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Both of my parents died this year of different kinds of sicknesses. Now I only have my two dogs left. This year was the hardest year of my entire life so far. Actually, you will find this as a reflection of my new songs.