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V Flors & Los Chotgun Keep The Groove Alive In “Todo Sigue Igual”

V Flors

Los Angeles and Mexico-based Latin hip-hop recording artist and producer V Flors teams up with duo Los Chotgun for their latest single, "Todo Sigue Igual."

V Flors grew up surrounded by music, and it wasn't long until he'd put his newfound skills to the test and begin creating music. Influenced by pop music but with a foundation from bands like Led Zeppelin and Stone Temple Pilots, V Flors is on a mission to create music that connects with the emotions of listeners far and wide.

He's now teaming up with Andrés González and Francisco Chávez from veteran music duo Los Chotgun for the new single, "Todo Sigue Igual." The song offers vast warmth and energy the entire way through, and each lyrical performance is sharply met with the piercing and mysterious tones of the heated sonic foreground. Take it from us; this new track isn't one to miss.

Jumping into "Todo Sigue Igual," the song opens with a nostalgic AM radio voice muffled over static, which quickly but smoothly drops into a lush and poised hip-hop beat alongside V Flors' dreamy and warm vocals. As both members of Los Chotgun begin grooving their way in, the song expands into this hazy and transcendent experience that soothes the soul.

Before we know it, Los Chotgun jumps into a heated rap and truly takes us by surprise with their natural power and charisma. We love this song's rhythm and feel; it's truly the perfect song to let loose and head into the weekend without a care in the world. All three performances in this hit are top-notch, and we can only expect greatness from each recording artist.

What are you waiting for? Hit play on V Flors and Los Chotgun's new single, "Todo Sigue Igual," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, V Flors. We love the energy and groovy atmosphere of your latest single, "Todo Sigue Igual." What inspired the theme and concept behind this single?

"Todo Sigue Igual" was inspired by our experience growing up inside the music industry. We've experienced the highest highs and lowest lows an independent musician can during our 20's and now, entering our 30's with full confidence and the experience only years of studio sessions and cross-country-independent tours could give us, we realized the only thing that changed in our process was the outcome. Especially the number of hits our music would get (Many more!) but the inspiration and drive to make things happen has always been our close group of friends and family; the bottom line is we're still having fun, and that's what moves us.

What was it like collaborating with the duo Los Chotgun for "Todo Sigue Igual?" How did you first meet the duo?

Los Chotgun are two of my best friends. We've known each other for a long time, and we hadn't really worked together until now, in a professional atmosphere. I guess it was our time to start putting some hours together. Honestly, it came out great. We ended up making other 4 songs, and we're on the road to making more. We became roomies right before the pandemic hit, and I had to go back to my hometown for some months. When I came back in January 2021, we decided to make a song just for fun. We couldn't believe what we had done together. It's one of the songs that just strike through your chest. It got us moving and bouncing. We even did the bass with an old Squier Bass with old strings, but that didn't matter at all. The experience and sound we put together came naturally and we very much enjoyed it.

What was your creative process like for "Todo Sigue Igual?" Besides Los Chotgun, did you work with any producers or musicians behind the scenes?

The creative process for this single was simply letting our creativity flow through a natural state. We got together one night, had some drinks, and started pondering about our lives, and how together we'd been so close through many challenges. The mere fact of being that night together meant a lot of things. We moved out to a bigger city to pursue our musical dream in Mexico City, and there we were, trying to figure out what song would emancipate our collaboration and musical energy together. I started working on the beat as they began to write down the lyrics. In the end, we had some bars left and I jumped in writing my own lyrics "Nada ha Cambiado, la misma gente que me quiere tengo aqui a mi lado, nada ha cambiado, a todos esos haters de mi vida ya he sacado" Which basically means: Nothing has changed, I have the ones who love me by my side, nothing has changed, every hater is gone now from my life" - Besides Los Chotgun, we only relied on Pro Tools, Ableton Live and a little bit of splice lol, we cooked the beat in a room full of dreams, musicality and a friendship that hasn't changed at all.

What did you want to make the listener feel when they experience the groovy new single "Todo Sigue Igual?"

We were aiming for a nostalgic sound disguised as a modern track. I think we achieved that quite well. This is a song for the listener to internalize and make about their own highs and lows and hopefully realize (like it happened to us writing it) how far they've come. People usually don't give themselves enough credit for overcoming their struggles every day. This is an ode in recognition to all of them. We see you, keep it up!

Los Chotgun


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