Vancouver Artist Darren Day Talks About His Brand New Album "DAYDREAMS"

Welcome to BuzzMusic Darren Day! We’re loving your album DAYDREAMS! What was the main concept behind this project?

Thanks for having me guys! This album came about in a part of my life that wasn’t particularity bright. I had been competing as a professional golfer for 3 years and not performing as well as I’d hoped. Lots of let downs in tournaments and time on the road led me to writing music. It became an outlet for me. I had so many people telling me how hard it was to make it in golf (later on in music as well) how I was wasting my time, and how it would never happen. I decided instead of giving in and letting them kill my vibe I’d write about how dope things would be if I DID make it. That’s how “DAYDREAMS” was born. it’s funny how such a shitty time can turn out to be so key later on. I guess everything happens for a reason.

What do you hope your fans take away from your music?

My main goal in everything I write is to make sure I have a message, but just as importantly to make sure people can dance to it and have fun. If I’ve done that then I’ve done my job.  

What does the track “Boat Load” represent for you? Can you dive into the lyrics and tell us the meaning behind it?

“Boat Load” is the most lit and absolutely the most recommended song off the album. It’s the encore at my concerts and always my favourite to perform. It represents the journey to success and what comes along the way; love, hate, fame, women, partying, money, and everything in between. The non-apologetic lyrics and constant slap in the beat always gets the crowd moving. It was also inspired after the backlash I got when I dropped the music video to “Coachella.” That’s where the lyric, “dropped a song and people played, comments said they hate it but they went and re played it, *era era* just sayin if the charts come quick I’m a stayin. For real” came from. I wanted to give people a taste of everything on my first album ranging from dance, pop, and hip hop. Rap always remains a constant in my music though, that’s where my hearts at. 

Which track from DAYDREAMS would you say in the most personal to you? Why?

“Get Away” is the definitely the most personal song for me. I come from a small island up on the West Coast of Canada where having a profession out of the ordinary or sometimes even leaving the city at all is extremely rare. People were shocked and not always supportive when I started to pursue music. I found it difficult to block out the noise so I packed up and moved down to Arizona for 6 months and that’s actually where I wrote and produced the majority of “DAYDREAMS. Victoria will always be my home and my favourite place on earth but I’m grateful to have the opportunity to see what else is out there and start new beginnings. 

How do your haters drive your ambition?

Listen to “Hater’s Lullaby” and you’ll know.

What do you hope to achieve as an artist going forward?What’s next for you?

I hope that the word spreads and people vibe with what I’m doing. I’ve worn my heart on my sleeve since I started this journey and I’m stoked to see where it takes me. 

As for what’s next I feel like I’m on the right track. I’ve gained a fairly big following here on the west coast of Canada but I’m ready to take it to the next level. Whether it’s starting for someone on tour or a breakout song, I’m open to all things coming my way and I can’t wait to see what happens. Two new singles coming out in the next month and a half as well. Thanks buzz music for the time, hope everyone’s having a great summer. Follow me to stay up to date on what’s new @darrendaymusic.

Listen to "Boat Load" here!

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