Vanessa Silberman Heats The Industry With a Sensual Single, "My Love"

From Brooklyn via Los Angeles, the touring singer-songwriter and record producer Vanessa Silberman releases a sultry electro-pop single with "My Love."

Widely known through the DIY touring community for playing and booking over 800 shows spanning from 2015-2020, Vanessa Silberman went on to play over 200 shows in 2017. After garnering the attention of listeners everywhere, Vanessa Silberman was named one of's hardest working singer-songwriters for three years in a row.

Now releasing her latest single, "My Love," just in time for Valentine's Day, Vanessa Silberman found inspiration for the single through her girlfriend and the overwhelming magical emotions that overpower her when in the presence of her partner. Through a punchy electro-pop sonic atmosphere and Vanessa Silberman's calming delivery, the song screams passion from each heated element.

Submerging ourselves into "My Love," we're met with glimmering synths that shine in the background while a nostalgic synth-pop beat makes its way in alongside Vanessa Silberman's slightly filtered and warm vocal delivery. While singing of her love being out of this world while she's over the moon, Vanessa Silberman has truly fueled this piece with incredibly conceptual and sensual lyricism.

Moving towards the hook, a blistering bass-like synth arrangement powers through and gives us all the sultry ambiance of the forthcoming holiday. We feel a heavy 80s feel through this piece and Vanessa Silberman's relaxed yet highly stimulating delivery, taking us out of this stratosphere and into exhilaration.

Catch Vanessa Silberman's sultry single, "My Love," just in time for Valentine's Day, and sink yourself into the heated and sensual sounds of this magnetic single available on all streaming platforms.

We're excited to speak with you about your latest stimulating single, "My Love." When did you initially begin creating elements for the song?

I started writing 'My Love' this past Oct., I was listening to a lot of pop, alternative, and dance songs and was feeling so inspired to create a different type of sound. I woke up in the early morning and just tried to take a different approach. I started using samples, loops and midi - which was completely opposite of how I've started all my other songs.

Seeing as "My Love" was inspired by your current girlfriend, was it easy to write your passionate and sultry lyrics? What was your songwriting process like?

I feel in some ways this song was so easy to write but also such a different perspective for me so but the lyrics really just flowed out naturally. I bounced my lyrics off of my music partner, drummer & collaborator Ryan Carnes and it was really nice to get his outside perspective, he also added a couple of ideas that I really loved because they really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I think lyrically some of the songs made me a little nervous to be so vulnerable and put it all out there but I really feel like I have nothing to lose and everything to gain from being open. I feel like if you really want to grow you have to do something you have never done before. I also feel like taking risks and being open is worth it, maybe someone will even read this and it will give them inspiration or courage for something in their own life.

Did you create the entirety of your single "My Love" solo? Or did you bounce any ideas off of other fellow producers/songwriters?

I played and programmed everything and got the bulk of the song into a decent listening form - probably 70/80% done and then I played it for Ryan. He and I finished it in person in Nov. and then went back and forth via email/text on mix changes. Ryan is great - he often suggests fresh new ideas or is really good at helping to finish my thoughts. We are always on the same page. For me being an artist, songwriter, playing, programming, producing, mixing, etc, and wearing all the hats, having a teammate, good outside perspective, and trusted ears by him has been so helpful. He hears things I don't sometimes hear because I’m so close to the music. He always has great ideas to improve the song or sometimes he will suggest songs to get inspired by or have ideas on some sort of addition background melody, instrument, or arrangement idea which I love!

We noticed that you steered away from your typical rock sound into a more electro-pop approach for "My Love." What inspired you to take this new sonic path?

I was just completely ready to evolve as an artist and try new things. I really started to feel that over this past summer. I talked to a few music friends about it and in-depth with Ryan on it. One morning I just said to myself what can I do differently to create something new, exciting, and give myself a fresh approach but with still a very authentic good message for people. My Love really popped out within a matter of a couple of hours. Funny enough, 'My Love' wasn't even the song myself & Ryan were gonna work on when we planned our sessions but I said "hey I have this other new song in that kind of direction we’ve been talking about that I’ve been working on. It's so different”. I had no idea what he was going to think. I played it for him, he was super ecstatic and loved it! So we finished it and we both had such a blast working on it.

I've been doing rock and punk music forever. It's in my soul and bones. I love that music and there will always be some form of that spirit in me but I’m in an expansion period I suppose.

What kind of challenges have you faced while creating music during a pandemic?

I had numerous recording sessions and tours canceled but I feel really blessed that I have been able to work remotely and just figure out new ways of being. I'm really grateful too, myself and Ryan had actually started working remotely at the end of 2019 since he was mainly living in LA. When the Pandemic started I just said to myself ok, this is reality - I'm just gonna keep going and I'm going to apply everything I did with touring to online, building and just creating new music because that what's I do. People need music, love, support, hope, and to feel uplifted right now more than ever. Music is my cause so that just never stops.