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VANGOGO Revives Eddie Murphy’s 1985 Hit, “Party All The Time”

Returning to 1985 is Detroit/Orlando-based band VANGOGO with their newest single, a cover of Eddie Murphy's smash hit, "Party All The Time."

VANGOGO, comprised of members Nathan Mackinder, Jason Schaller, Paxton Olney, and Jonah Brockman, has made waves with their previous releases. They've caught radio airplay with singles like "Both of Us," "Big Mistake," "Watch it Burn," and "Get Up To You." And they plan on doing the same with this hot new cover.

The band's expansive new single, "Party All The Time," perfectly captures the groovy, danceable essence of the original song while adding a dark, alternative, sexy edge and featuring international flutist Carrie Wiesinger and synthesized elements from drummer/keyboardist Jonah Brockman, the new single offers a different side of the original song, which listeners most likely heard on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Diving into "Party All The Time," this modern rendition starts with smooth yet haunting guitar picking alongside a stunning flute instrumental and shimmering background melodies. As Mackinder's warm and rich vocals meet the speakers, he serenades listeners with the song's timeless lyrics while adding a darker, more mysterious, captivating vibe from top to bottom.

The track gradually expands in energy, almost offering a dash of Fleetwood Mac's sound and style that haunts listeners in the best way possible. It's only once the bridge that Mackinder unleashes his raspy and powerful vocals alongside chilling alternative-rock instrumentals. We're more than impressed with the immaculate vibes offered in this stellar new rendition of a classic hit, and we get the feeling new listeners will feel the same.

What are you waiting for? Reintroduce yourself to a classic hit through VANGOGO's dynamic new cover of Eddie Murphy's "Party All The Time," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to Buzz, VANGOGO! We're head over heels for your recent rendition of Eddie Murphy's 1985 hit, "Party All The Time." What inspired your band to cover it?

It started as a joke around the bonfire with some friends. We like to get into the 80s pop after a few cocktails, and PATT was one of our favorites. The lyrics are pretty dark, and I have had unfortunate life experiences that make them highly relatable. So, I spent some time with the melody and an acoustic guitar until I found something that seemed more homogeneous to the lyrics. I combined it with some hints of "Billie Jean" by Michael Jackson, and it just came together.

What was your experience working alongside flutist (and Jason Schaller's wife) Carrie Wiesinger for "Party All The Time"? Why did your band feel the song needed her flutist expertise?

Carrie is an incredible talent, and I've long wanted to incorporate her into the music Jason and I have created over the years. This is the 2nd song we have been lucky to have her perform on, and she elevates the music to a place we could only reach with her expertise. When you have talent of that level within reach, you find ways to incorporate it into your projects. She is also a wonderful person and a blast to work with. She will look incredible in a bikini and stilettos for our beach gigs next summer.

What was your band's goal in terms of sound and style when creating your cover for "Party All The Time"? How did you make the cover entirely and uniquely your own?

Jonah and I built this one from the ground up. It started with just an acoustic guitar and melody, and we built the track around it. Jonah developed an incredible arrangement with unique instrumentation, which even has a glockenspiel. I wanted to go for a "Suicide is Painless" ( the M.A.S.H theme song) that builds into a modern chill groove that maintains darkness throughout. We knew Paxton would kill the Billie Jean bass line and that Chuck would find a way to mold it all together at Pearl for something extraordinary and unique. Jason layered electric guitars and brought it all back to the VGG sound.

Is "Party All The Time" the first cover your band has released? Might there be more in the future?

This is the first VGG cover we have seriously attempted and recorded. Jay and I have a live version of "The Seeker" by the Who out there by our old group, South Normal. Covers have always been something all of us have done over the years performing live. But we've never taken the time to interpret one like this and make it our own. We often end our live sets with "Go Your Way" by Fleetwood Mac, and perhaps we will get a good recording of that out there soon.

Considering your previous singles have gained radio airplay, do you expect the same success with "Party All The Time"? How do you hope listeners receive and react to this single?

We plan on releasing this to the radio soon. We wanted to let this one get out first and see what it did organically. Response and feedback have been great, and we are reaching a new audience. Our goal is to share our music as much as we can, and hopefully, it will reach some ears that find some joy in it. And I hope we did the song justice, and the original artists( RIP Rick James) might also enjoy hearing it.

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