Vante Poems and Pic Mayne Don't Back Down in Latest Hit, “If I Tried”

Multi-talented R&B and Hip-Hop artist, Vante Poems releases his intoxicating and heavy new single, “If I Tried (feat. Pic Mayne).”

Ottawa, Canada, based artist, Vante Poems carries his New York roots with him all the way to Canada’s capital. Known for his ability to transform a beat into a pallet of vulnerability, this charismatic artist has paired up with Kansas City Hip-hop artist, Pic Mayne, to deliver his hard-hitting new single, “If I Tried.” 

Between the soul and passion that Vante Poems exudes in his songwriting skills to the unorthodox mid-West style Pic Mayne strives for, these two come together with Toronto, Canada, producer and hitmaker Jonny Brown to pull fans in for yet another banger. 

“If I Tried” instantly hits you with a bassline so heavy, it has its own weight class. The delicate yet powerful reverberations of Vante Poems’ vocals act as both the main focus and as a background element in the instrumentation. 

Before the smooth and memorable hook is presented, singing a song about never stopping what you love to do, even if you tried, you'rere swooning over the enchanting harmonies. Once the verses kick in, you can hear a modern flair on his clear and present delivery, showcasing his emcee abilities through his delivery and tonal distinction. 

Rapper, Pic Mayne is on the second verse and adds a distinctive twist on his performance with his knack for lyricism and hard-hitting rhyme schemes. The edge and appeal in his vocals shine through each word he presents as he adds his own edgy touch to, “If I Tried.”

As the arrangement progresses in such an effortless fashion, vocals from all parties seamlessly blend into the melodies created by Jonny Brown. The catchy hook, “If I Tried,” has you rolling down the windows, hitting the freeway, and putting this song on repeat until you know every single word.

Stream, “If I Tried,” here