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VBRTR Gives Us A Moment Of Brilliance With Latest Single “Moment Last”

VBRTR has created a light, airy and fun track with their latest single “Moment Last”. The track has an up tempo electric beat, smooth lead vocals, and a catchy chorus with synthesized vocal effects. As the lyrics suggest this hit will make you “dance all night and day”. Jono Cruz and Lee Chan make up VBRTR and aim to bring a feel-good style to their songs- and they don’t disappoint on “Moment Last”. There is this fun trickle of notes in the background of the track that can’t help but put a smile on your face. When you put this track on you are transported to a summertime party- where ever you can imagine; an outdoor patio where towering palms surround the dance floor, a club where the dance floor is illuminated, or live in concert, wherever this song is playing, good vibes are flowing.

VBRTR is a north of the border talent that play a complex, “dual-stlye” live show that is backed with smooth vocals. Together they have a combined ten years of experience in DJing residencies in major nightclubs, they’ve been nominees for two Sask Music Awards for Electronic Aritst of the Year (2018), provided tour support as DJs for LOA in Toronto, ON for Canadian Music Week and Wrexham, U.K. for FOCUS Wales. For a feel good track stream “Moment Last” today on all major streaming providers.

Listen to "Moment Last" here and get to know more about VBRTR below!

Hello! Thank you for chatting with us. Can you start by telling us a bit about your latest Single “Moment Last”?

Moment Last is the first song we ever wrote together (although it wasn't our first release). This song goes way back to when Jono was still in music school and we wrote the song together for his final assignment. Years later we dug this song out of the vaults, and redid the beat to include punchy synths and a 80s Miami Bass inspired drum track. With the help of genius sound engineers Benny Steele and Trevor Case, we were able to accomplish that sound with the right balance of classic and futuristic. The 80s homage is also apparent in the single artwork, drawn by the very talented Kenna Plume. 

Can you tell us what VBRTR stands for?

Actually, 'VBRTR' isn't an acronym! We came up with the name during a time when it was fun to drop vowels. With vowels, you get 'VIBRATOR'. This isn't meant to be sexual (although people are welcome to interpret it that way). Our priority is to create good and strong vibrations that move you, and we try our best to reflect that in our sound. 

What does your creative process look like?

As a habit we write first before producing anything. Lee (our lead vocalist) will have a song about 80% written, then we take it to the studio and arrange a rough demo with some basic programmed drums and scratch recordings. If we're blessed with a lot of time, we might sit on that demo for months before we take it to 100% completion. In the case of our most recent single, we waited almost four years. That said, we've also had really good results from working on a shorter timeframe (about 2-4 weeks) depending on the needs of the project! 

What do you get from playing your music to live audiences?

I think there's definitely a high that comes from being on stage, and connecting with people from a place of vulnerability. It's a sort of confirmation that the music we've worked so hard on is actually working, or not working in some cases. So, spiritual highs aside, playing to live audiences is a great opportunity to test our unreleased music. 

What are you looking forward to most in the coming year?

This year we were blessed to have been accepted to showcase at Canadian Music Week in Toronto! There is a submission process which we were fortunate enough to get a slot. Canadian Music Week is the biggest industry music festival that combines both up and coming artists and established artists. All that being said, it is a huge opportunity for us to spread our craft and perform our brand of Future R&B. Wish us luck!


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