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Vealy Gets Vulnerable with "Joanie"

Los Angeles based singer and songwriter Vealy has always allowed music to speak into her life. Originally born and raised in the Philippines, Vealy has been creating captivating melodies while juggling the additional skills and attributes that bring joy to the world she lives in.

She is eager to express her innovative insights and the newfound direction the way her sound is headed. "Joanie" is the highly anticipated, intoxicating single that Vealy is set to share with her listeners.

"Joanie" instantly pulls you in with the 80s Electro Pop synths beating through your headphones as the delicate traits in the instrumentation dance upon your head top. This up-tempo record drips in charisma as Vealy's elusive vocals graze the composition as they draw you towards her wistful hold. Whether Joanie is a fictional character or not, this song has us eagerly wanting to know everything about her. This record acts as a letter to Joanie and an expression of Vealy's relationship with this character. In our lives, I'm sure we all have a Joanie, and this makes Vealy's record that much more relatable.

Capturing the essence of sincerity, Vealy entices us with a bright personality that shines through each melody she shelters. Effortlessly, the harmonies that Vealy sheds give "Joanie" an added edge as she carries forth her bubbly performance while painting a crystal clear image through the magnetic words she has carefully scripted. Leaving us with the memorable storyline she shares with each listener, Vealy is one to look out for as she climbs her way to the top, establishing her name. Be sure to look out for her unforgettable charm as we patiently await what is next to come.

Hello Vealy and welcome back to BuzzMusic. "Joanie" has us feeling nostalgic with the ambiance you’ve given us. What was your creative process like going into creating this record?

Thanks for having me Buzz Music!! Yes! I’ve been listening to a lot of older records— as in Cyndi Lauper, The Carpenters, and got addicted to Robyn. Haha. So, before “Joanie”, I was releasing mostly acoustic records, and I wanted to branch out from that. So, I started experimenting with different sounds, sounds that I appreciated from the older music I’ve been really enjoying. Synths, soft ambient textures, doubled vocals. In the busier sections of the record, you might hear me playing my belly like some sort of percussion. Lol. After I finished recording my demo, I called up my friend, Dr Q, to finish producing it with me and add some guitars!

We have to ask, is “Joanie,” based on a real character?

"Joanie" is inspired by 2 real people. I used to take care of an elderly couple, and they had a daughter who was an artist, traveled the world solo, lovely. However, she often felt like she was not loved by the people she held close. When the lady I was taking care of narrated this story, she told me how she wished they hadn’t argued on the telephone the last time they spoke. The next thing she knows, the police were at her door saying that her daughter jumped off of her window. It’s also inspired by the story of Karen Carpenter. If you don’t know her, please look her up. I’m a big fan of hers. If she were here, I would make sure she knows how loved she is and how lucky the world is (was) to have her here.

Could you take us into what the recording session was like when creating this track?

Of course! Everything except the guitars was recorded in our one-bedroom apartment! All the lead vocals were recorded 3 or 4 times to get that “phase” effect that kinda sounds like it’s from the old times. Lol. The harmonies and all the background voices were also all recorded in the apartment. I feel so bad for my partner, Noah he hears all the vocal takes (and by all, I mean mostly the bad ones). Haha.

In the realm of Vealy, what would you say is the main message you would like your listeners to take away from “Joanie?"

I want my listeners to think about their loved ones when they listen to the song, and treasure time with them as if it’s the last time they’re gonna see them. To be bold and say things that are usually frowned upon by the general public— how you love and appreciate your parents or your siblings. Or how you’re sorry about this or that. Just being more open I guess, while we're all still alive!!

Do you have any other releases planned before the end of 2020, Vealy?

Joanie will be the last before 2020 ends, but I’m planning to put out my EP by April or May of next year!





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