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Vee Has Overcome All Obstacles To Create His Latest Project "Get High"

Vee, a Russian native, had the goal to move to LA and become a great American singer. With a language barrier as an obstacle, he took it on full force. Moving to LA and conquering the English language in 2.5 years, he was bound for greatness. And what next on his mission trip? Music. Vee teamed up with multi talented artist, Reek Ivan to create the featured song, “Get High”. Reek Ivan, a Philly native, is a rapper,songwriter and model. This artist has experienced a lot of negatives coming up. Negatives that could have ruined his life. But instead, Ivan was able to ultimately turn those negatives into positives with music.

This collab, “Get High”, comes in strong with a wavy production. A track that is will get everyone up and dancing to the beat. The message is relatable in this track. We have all had a night like this. Vee’s smooth lyrics paired with the beat has you rocking in sync. Easily a track you can catch in a club or on your way to an event. Then Reek Ivan comes in with the bulletproof rap game. You can’t help but to head nod to every word he’s spitting. This duo made a banger that definitely goes on the pre-game playlist.

Listen to "Get High" and be sure to check out our exclusive interview with Vee and Reek I'van to find out how this collab came about!

Hey there, care to introduce yourselves to our readers?

Vee: What's up! I'm Vee! I'm a singer-songwriter and producer from Los Angeles, and I originally come from Russia. I am so passionate about American music that I taught myself English just so I could make music that I like, how crazy is that?

Reek I'van: My name is Reek Ivan. I am a rapper/singer/model from originally from Philly. I’ve been creating music for 10 plus years. Some of my career highlights include writing with The Underdogs, performing at The Fame Tour Miami, performance at A3C in ATL and SXSW in Texas, as well my role in Jay Z's I Got the Keys video.

How did you two cross paths to create this collab?

Vee: Reek and I actually met in on of those "shared" Ubers at some point in the past. We exchanged Instagrams right before my stop, so we didn't get a chance to talk much about what we do. Almost half a year later I came across his page on my feed, and I knew right away - we had to do a song together!

Reek I'van: Ironically, we met through this collaboration, but I've heard his music on Spotify so I already knew he was very talented.

What sparked the idea for the track?

Vee: I made the beat on the plane from NYC back to LA. The song is about work sometimes getting in the way of your relationships, family, etc. We definitely tried to mask it under a party-song disguise, but if you really listen to the lyrics - you hear the pain of separation, and your obligations getting in the way of your personal life. We made this song for all entrepreneurs, performers, working fathers away from their families and all the people who work on the road.

Reek I'van: Vee has already had the track when he approached me for a verse. I received the song with the open verse so I recorded a video freestyling to I. Once Vee heard the verse he asked me to record it asap. The following day the whole song was complete.

What was your immediate reaction after hearing the mixed and mastered version of this track?

Vee: It was a huge relief for me because I could not mix it right myself.

Reek I'van: I loved the vibe of the song the first time I heard it. The end product sounded like everything I envisioned plus some. I hope our fans enjoy the song just as much. 

How long have you been sitting on this track? Or was it an immediate release?

Vee: We were sitting on it for a hot minute, it was stuck in the mixing stage for a while. I tried doing it myself first, and it wasn't working and then I hired someone to do it and after a couple of tries, we finally got it right!

Reek I'van: It felt like a while but in reality it was only a few months. 

What can we expect to see from you in the near future?

Vee: A lot of new music! I've been so creative lately, you will hear all of it very soon! :)

Reek I'van: Movie soundtracks, more modeling campaigns and more great music. 


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