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Vee-Lo Soaks Up The Sun In, "I Got Love For Cali"

Experienced Los Angeles-based hip-hop recording artist and rapper Vee-Lo pays homage to our motherland in his latest single, "I Got Love For Cali."

No stranger to the west coast hip-hop scene, Vee-Lo first got into music as a young teenager but kept it on the back burner. His short stint in college basketball turned into Vee-Lo moving out west to Los Angeles, reintroducing himself to his craft and gaining experience and fans ever since.

In his latest single, "I Got Love For Cali," Vee-Lo sings a spirited tribute to the land that blessed him with years of musical experience, memories, and good times. The song's music video gives us a solid visual, depicting the California lifestyle and all that we know and love.

Expanding on the new track, "I Got Love For Cali," the song kicks off with dreamy guitar samples and chatter about California culture that later drops into a bright and beaming hip-hop beat. Vee-Lo's cool and calm flow sets the song's relaxed tone while letting listeners lock their attention onto his dissection of the culture that makes California its own.

It may seem like sunshine and rainbows, but of course, Vee-Lo's had his own negative experience with the savage girls in Cali that aren't easy to figure out. That aside, the entire track is a fun-loving and engaging listening experience that reminds us why we've grown to love California so dearly. The song's catchy hook is an earworm you won't be able to forget.

If you believe the west coast is the best coast, get down with Vee-Lo and his latest single, "I Got Love For Cali," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Vee-Lo. We love the upbeat tribute to California you've created with your latest single, "I Got Love For Cali." What inspired you to create a song about your love for Cali culture?

The song was inspired by all the positives and negatives about growing up in California. It either makes you or breaks you. In the sense that you can get lost quickly or find your true greatness. I want to show people that I won't let it break me, so don’t let it break you. Be great.

What sort of vibe or visual experience did you want to provide in the music video for "I Got Love For Cali"? What was your vision?

The vibe was to show people Cali is a lot more than just LA. There’s a lot to look forward to out here. I show the viewers that you can be anywhere in Cali and have a great time. There’s just that fact if you really wanna make a name for yourself, you gotta hit the city, LA, SD, etc.

What was your favorite part about shooting the "I Got Love For Cali" music video? What did you enjoy most?

My favorite part was driving back to my hometown, Blythe, CA, and getting scenes of what I see every time I travel between Blythe and LA. I got to see things that haven’t changed and a lot that did. The road trip was my favorite part, for sure.

Do you think other Californians will relate to "I Got Love For Cali"? What lyrics or bars do you think they'll relate to most?

I definitely think other Californians are going to relate to it. They love hearing songs that represent where they’re from. I think they’ll relate to the hook the most actually because, as I mentioned earlier, its love all across this great state, but to get business done and really take off (or so it seems), “The city’s where you get put on”

Do you usually create rather upbeat and feel-good hip-hop songs, similar to the vibe in "I Got Love For Cali"? How would you describe your sound?

Yeah, I do. All my music has to have a bounce to it that makes people want to dance, and most do. I have a west-coast sound most definitely, but since I like to switch between genres and have fun, I can switch it to smooth for RnB. Electric for pop songs. I have an ever-evolving sound, in my opinion. It changes slightly, but it will always sound great.


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