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Veeesax Takes Us Through ‘Life’s Journey,’ In A 2-Track EP

Nigerian-born London-based musician, producer, and songwriter Veeesax introduces listeners to 'Life's Journey' with a serene 2-track EP.

Veeesax is Victor Ajayi, who's passionate about spreading the gospel of Christ through the instrument of music. He's currently the music director at his home church choir, Redeemed Christian Church of God. Veeesax is a prolific multi-instrumentalist who specializes in brass and other woodwind instruments.

Listeners can hear Veeesax's affinity with soothing tunes and harmonious brass instrumentals through his new 2-track EP, 'Life's Journey.' The featured songs on the project are "Peaceful Storm" and "Not Alone," both of which perfectly represent life's battles and the importance of having faith in the power above.

We're met with track number one, "Peaceful Storm, " listening to the project." This sweet and serene instrumental opens with soft electric guitar strums and the smoothest saxophone melody.

As downtempo lo-fi drums begin dancing through our speakers, Veeesax's dreamy saxophone sonically serenades us and reminds listeners that it's always darkest before dawn. We love the gentle nature of this song; it's the perfect soundtrack for navigating through life's turmoil and coming out stronger than ever.

Onto the EP's second track, "Not Alone," Veeesax ramps up the energy and feel-good theme through dreamy background pads and lush keyboard melodies. Veeesax melts our speakers with a gentle saxophone melody and his serene, downtempo, lo-fi drums as the song slowly expands.

We adore the modern lo-fi spin Veeesax put on these tracks that offer classic elements of jazz and r&b through rich brass sections and an overall easy-listening feel. We're sure these tunes will help listeners find peace in their days, especially as they continue trudging through 'Life's Journey.'

Do yourself a favor and ease your mind with Veeesax's latest 2-track EP, 'Life's Journey,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Veeesax. We're truly impressed with your new EP's gentle and feel-good nature, 'Life's Journey.' What inspired you to track life's peaks and valleys through two instrumental pieces?

Thank you BuzzMusic, for having me on this platform. I am a Christian and a believer in the finished work of Christ. While studying the book of Mark 4:35-41, I had a deep reflection on my life and the lives of people around me. Amidst my thoughts, I concluded that the journey called life is like sailing an ocean, We go through different stages of life; peaks and troughs. I have had my own share of ups and downs. These inspired the two instrumental pieces. What was your creative process like for 'Life's Journey?' How did you go about creating the tone, vibe, and feel of your instrumentals?

I love relaying stories with music. Every note of each track represents a moment in every phase of life. There are happy days, and others when it seems like the whole world is crashing. All of these emotions are there to make us experience the true essence of life. Reflecting through each moment of my life's journey so far, inspired the creative process. Did you want to tell a story with the two songs on 'Life's Journey?' What did you want to get across to listeners?

Yes. Through life's journey, we will be faced with many storms. My personal encounter of Mark 4:35-41 revealed that when we have Jesus in our lives, we will never sail the oceans of life alone. Also, Jesus is committed to helping us find peace through the storms. He did not promise us a storm-free life but we have the assurance of His peace and victory through the storms. To the listeners of these tracks across the globe; my message is simple - Do not go through the storms of life alone, invite the Savior into your boat and He will give you absolute rest (peace). Since your music is mostly instrumentals, how do you spread the word of the Lord without lyrics? How does your music represent your Christian faith and efforts?

This is a very profound question. Musical instruments do not talk, but they speak. Over the years as a musician, I have come to understand the spirituality of sounds. We are spiritual beings and we have connectivity with realms beyond the physical. The sound of music has the ability to take us on a journey beyond the physical realm. My music aims to ride on this frequency in connecting with the soul and spirit of the listeners. In addition, the Holy Spirit is the conviction, my assignment is simply to deliver the sounds as inspired by the giver of the gift and He will take it from there. Also leveraging platforms like yours (BuzzMusic) gives me the opportunity to water the seed of the music by expressing the inspiration behind the sounds. What's next for you?

The future is very bright! The music video of the Life's Journey project is scheduled to be released in Q4 2022. My next EP project is also in the pipeline and it promises to bless and transform lives.


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