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Veelito's Here and He's "Talking Love," With His New Faith-Inspired Single

Today we introduce underground Hip/Hop artist Veelito. Presenting himself as a dynamically-charged artist, Veelito is all for taking on creative challenges when it comes to the generation of his music. He has a laidback, easygoing artistic persona that naturally emulates through his songs and sparks thorough enjoyment.

The latest project Veelito has been working on is titled, "Talking Love," and focuses on none other than love itself. Veelito's core focus in this song is on spreading love and faith. He takes his listeners through a journey with his various thoughts regarding the two themes and a certain compelling quality extends itself as a result.

Nevertheless, that really is the persona that Veelito has, one that is fascinating beyond compare. The sonic fusion chosen for "Talking Love" was a smooth installment of contemporary Hip/Hop beats that gave way to a heavier atmosphere, which is what elevated the underground-like style. It's within this very style that allows Veelito to be compared to artists such as Kid Cudi when it comes to the projected production.

"Talking Love" definitely adheres to the upward trend going on in the current Hip/Hop music era, which is why he is an artist that is so easy to resonate with and naturally enjoy. We're anticipating new music from this depth-seeking artist.

"Talking Love" is available on major streaming platforms today.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Veelito. It is no secret that your latest project has been released. Can you share with our readers what the release of "Talking Love" really meant for you?

Talking Love means a lot to me. I wanted to grasp what God did for us and share the pain of the sacrifice, and I wanted everyone to know that God's steadfast love over everything for real.

Within "Talking Love," you outline various thoughts on your faith and mindset. How were you hoping readers would understand you as an artist and an individual upon listening to your song?

Well, if they want to understand, read the word of God and then pick up my book A New Mind for christ vol 3 out now everywhere. It's poetry. It's true. It's also some life stories and great wisdom from God on there. God is my life, and I want everything around me to be about him.

Did you encounter any challenges while writing and recording "Talking Love"? Does the process usually come naturally to you, or do you find yourself meticulously crafting your music?

No, it's natural my music is driven and inspired by the Holy Spirit. All Glory to God for everything that comes out of my mouth that's good. I hope this record changes those lost and uplifts those who know God to spread his love everywhere every day.

Which line did you feel had the most impact within "Talking Love?"

I have two the first is: "they put a crown of thorns on his head cast lots for his clothing gave em vinegar they sinister let me rip it up going bring him up never gonna stop praising his name Yahshuah ahh." The second is: "you thirsty to leave a legacy my pops already did that get back he left but he been back if you lost in the world salvation pray you to get that love."

What's next for you?

Well, if you haven't heard the beginning by my son Saved Gem, listen to it and then prepare because we are teaming up to do something together. We should have a single out by Thanksgiving. Also, I'm currently a producer to the Bronx film called The boogie movie pain and laughter and drama. It's going to be a great comedy. Next year, it should be in theaters, the first of many shout out to Frankie quinones Gary Pray and the director Luis Miranda.


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