Veesugee Gives Listeners a Taste of Her Upcoming Album With "ATLM" Track Debut

Nashville-based artist Veesugee isn't just your average singer/songwriter. With timeless, prophetic-like vocals, Veesugee can reach the hearts of listeners authentically and vibrantly. Her dreamy, yet haunting music style is what garners a ton of attraction to her and her vocal sound, as she performs in a way that's disparate to what listeners may be used to hearing in the current alt/indie music scene. With some great vocal cords in her back pocket, Veesugee has applied her spirit to a new song release, titled "ATLM."

"ATLM" stands for "Anti The Learned Machine," which is the second song appearing on the still-to-be-released album by Veesugee. "ATLM" sheds light on the extremities of today and the obstacles humanity faces as a whole. It is within this particular song that Veesugee pours her ultimate heart, power, and hope in, giving listeners the chance to explore, reflect and introspect.

"ATLM" itself contains an ethereal-like effect that hosts potent, mystified energy. The quality of energy that the song delivers only works to draw listeners' curiosity in, which eventually gets snagged as the eerie performance by Veesugee continues. She has an incredibly soft and delicate voice that lusciously explodes a series of angelic-sounding tones. Veesugee shapes her vocal arrangement strategically so that every lyric that she delivers is asserted with a goosebump-like effect. Veesugee was thoughtful and spirited within "ATLM," proving that her eclectic, otherworldly sound has a solid place in the music era we live in today. All in all, "ATLM" was only a taste of what's to come with Veesugee, so keep an eye out for her album release.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic, Veesugee. What kind of thoughts and feelings immediately followed your release of "ATLM?"

Hello! And thank you! I was honestly relieved. Overwhelmed with joy. Beyond excited to have reached completion and am ready to share my music with the world. I just kept thinking…I did it! I did it! Against all odds, I pushed thru. I did it!

When constructing "ATLM," did you keep in mind the general tone of your album to assure the song fit right in place?

I spent countless hours listening to the songs in a different order. It was important to me the message in each song continues to build and flow. Each song in itself is a journey. And it was from this place of creation that the songs came into order.

"ATLM" took on some pretty diverse topics and themes. In your opinion, which was the most pivotal theme covered in your song?

That we are human beings with beating hearts. We are not machines. We are Anti the Learned Machine. Humanity is being governed by powerful men and women. The society in which we live operates robotically. The expectations and assumptions that all of humanity exists this way couldn’t be further from the truth. We possess the power to make this life better.

Do you find your distinguishable sound fits right into the music scene in Nashville? How has the response been for "ATLM" thus far in Nashville?

Yes and No. Yes because my performance captivates audiences. It pulls the listener in. It’s a humbling experience as a performer and artist. And no because my sound stands out from the crowd. I’m a leader in my style of music. I’ve spent years developing and cultivating this sound.

What's next for you?

At my core, I am a creator, so I am writing another album. I’ve also branched out and started a new project under the name, “Rare Sun”. I’m seeking producers in the Nashville area to work within developing this mainstream project. I’ve got a lot to keep me busy. My musical well and creative visions are endless.