Ven Gerovitz’s “Titanic” Is Going To Make Your Heart Sink

Connecticut based singer Ven Gerovitz is 20 years old and began posting music such as covers and remixes recorded in his bedroom to his Soundcloud in early 2017. Inspired greatly by genres like downtempo to Hip Hop and R&B, Ven combines dark melodies over roomy, pop-rock reminiscent vocals and in February 2019 released his debut project titled “Joy”.

Get ready to sink into another classic Hip-Hop song. “Titanic” is has everything a listener is looking for – metaphors, relatability, and a good beat. With a solid keyboard line to ease the listener into the coming power found in the beginning of the lyrics. You can hear that the music in this song is a bit on the darker, gloomy side but it complements the depth of Ven’s lyrics extremely well. There are several layers being slowly added throughout the track that also fade when Ven wants to emulate a specific point such as the line “Iceberg to my Titanic”. With obvious lyrical talent he surprised me with a faster rap section, where he absolutely nailed it with ease. Ven has a unique voice that relaxes and is able to depict the true emotion that he wants to be heard in this beautiful song. The secondary vocal track that creates the harmony between the two voices that is unique yet glorious in sound. Ven Gerovitz is an artist who is definitely going to stay afloat and bring new meaning to this growing genre.

Listen to "Titanic" now on Spotify and keep reading for Ven's interview with BuzzMusic.

Hey Ven! We Love “Titanic”! Could you