Venture Along the Impactful and Energizing Surge JPaige Has in "American Slave"

Music artist and actor JPaige is here on BuzzMusic to showcase his newfound and recently emerged passion for the musical arts. Predominantly beginning his artistic career as an actor, JPaige was soon convinced by a close friend to pursue the music scene. Taking the advice, JPaige manifested the very intensely honest and direct sound he releases today. One of JPaige's most recent singles highlights compelling topics, and combined with his vivid style; the music becomes very impactful.

JPaige's recent single "American Slave" released, as well as its video music, in early May. The track immediately opens itself with a ground-shaking, insanely strong base. JPaige makes his presence known right away with his verse outflow, and he chooses to follow a fierce delivery. JPaige doesn't stutter once in "American Slave," and the flow is immaculate considering the raw ferocity the song has. JPaige further unravels the theme of "American Slave" intricately, despite the fast-paced performance. Taking a step back and looking at the track in its entirety, "American Slave" is methodically delivered with passion, and JPaige doesn't let up once in order to prove it. That's what creates a buzzing excitement for the future music of JPaige, as we're highly interested in what he'll unleash to listeners next.

Check out JPaige's "American Slave" here

Welcome JPaige, and congratulations on your single release "American Slave". Let's first talk about the emotional meaning of the track. How did you intend to unravel the message held within "American Slave"? I wanted to talk about modern-day slavery in a sense as we are still the backbone of America yet we don’t reap the benefits from that. As we are the ones who are making America great whether it be through dominating sports, music, fashion, style, culture, and knowing how to make lemonade out gotdamn lemons they’ve been giving us since day 1. Despite leading the prison population, education, and jobs we thrive on having something from nothing and that’s what I wanted to emphasize in my video.

The arts have always held a significant part in your life, notably ever since the young age of 5. Would you say that the innate passion you had for the arts is what allowed you to easily extend yourself into the music world?

Yes I mean art is music just as well as it is visual. Look at Michael Jackson for instance. His music was visually stimulating just as sounding. It’s like he rolled them all into one. That’s what I am doing with my art. I just went the visual route first.

How would you compare the artistry of being an actor to transitioning into a music artist?

You have to work very very very hard to be somewhat even a little bit good lol in either one.

What kind of general ambiance were you hoping to establish with the release of "American Slave"? Were you hoping the song was interpreted the same across your listeners, or are you comfortable with open interpretation? 

I’m open to interpretation. I mean as an artist you have your idea as to what you want to convey but then you also know that people are different and will interpret it entirely differently which is good because you see it from a different angle than you’d probably never even imagine.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I’m releasing a new single called “Love Us” along with a video dealing with the pandemic in about a month hopefully. What’s cool about this one is that it will be an acapella. I’ll be releasing fun summer singles “Bag of New Tricks”, “Don’t Run” and “Us”. I just recently shot a script idea I’m developing with my team to pitch for television programming and more music releases.