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Venture Through the Tunes With Android Superstation's "All There Is"

Android Superstation is a rock band hailing from Orange County, California. Formed in 2017 by partners in crime, Marc and Heather, Android Superstation was made complete with the addition of Danny and James.

Together, the group creates original music with a myriad of influences, from pop to prog, to ambient industrial. Creating music that allows people to feel something, they play upon our worldly living environment and use the art of music to act as a great vector to remind people of their own humanity and to bring them together.

In the amplified essence of “All There Is,” we feast upon the intricately crafted guitar riffs that propel through our speakers with intensity and purpose. Being the fifth single found on their eleven-track album ‘This Side of Nowhere,’ there’s effervescent energy that surrounds the eclectic energy that effortlessly drips from this composition.

Each band member excels in allowing the musical elements to amalgamate with a sense of urgency and unified front as the coalition of instruments presents itself in a striking manner. Each sound that you hear has its moment to shine. Whether you’re fixated on the array of colossal drum patterns, rhythmic bassline, the previously cited sustenance of the guitar riffs, or even the smoldering vocal range that exudes timbres of passion, it all comes down to the exquisite piano performance that delves into a series of major and minor chords fusing together in harmonious bliss.

Through transitioning time signatures, Android Superstation manages to keep its integrity consistent throughout the record of “All There Is.” Leaving us floored with the mass ground they cover as a four-piece band, there is nobody out there that can replicate the poise, and drive that they show to listeners within their craft.

The sounds heard in “All There Is,” redefine the meaning of a true sonic voyage! With such a complex approach to musicality, what inspired the resonance of this record?

"All There Is" was meant to be gritty, but with an elegant flare. The music had to keep up with the narrator's thoughts and emotions as he confronts an impossible decision that, no matter what he does, will impact and possibly destroy his relationship. There's an admiration of the other person and endearing respect for them that begged for a touch of class, hence the piano and the vocals right before the last chorus. But, at the same time, there's a lot of underlying indecision, dissatisfaction, sadness, and even anger. It's a tragic and complex story that just couldn't be conveyed the same way without such an eclectic blend of styles.

Coming off of your recently released album, ‘This Side of Nowhere,’ how does the concept lace into “All There Is,” allow this song to tie into the project, and stand its own ground as the lead single?

This Side of Nowhere tells the story of a wayward boy who grows up in a hostile and desolate world, only to become a hostile and desolate adult. It explores the human condition, telling a story of struggle, hope, and tragedy. It's a bumpy ride, with a complex set of situations and emotions, and the music reflects that. There are some sections of Pink Floyd-style jamming, and others with heady musical intellectualism. Sometimes the music is gentle and intimate, and at other points, it's unapologetically in your face. From the most personal thoughts to grand statements about humanity as a whole, This Side of Nowhere has a little bit of everything, both musically and in the story. "All There Is" stood out to us as a single because it embodies that.

Could you please share the role of each member and how you collectively come together to create?

We're a four-person team: Danny on guitar and lead vocals, Heather on keyboards and backup vocals, James on bass, and Marc on drums. Our creative process is very collaborative. Usually, someone will bring an idea to rehearsal -- anything from a short riff to the framework of a whole song -- and then we'll all hash it out as a group. We always find that we like the songs better when they've been composed that way because everyone brings something to the table. It helps that we all have different backgrounds and influences. Danny started out in the punk scene, Heather's a classically-trained pianist, Marc comes from a prog and hard rock background, and James has played in a variety of different brands. The one thing that isn't as collaborative is the lyrics: Danny writes 99% of them, which gives them a really personal touch.

In your own words, what does “All There Is” mean to you as a band? What are you hoping that your audience takes away from the themes heard in this song?

You could say that "All There Is" is about hope, and, in a way, it is: the narrator talks about there being more to life, a future bigger and better than what he's living through in the present. But there's more to it than that. In this case, that idealism is tainted with a hard dose of reality. He can pursue his dreams, but at what cost? At this point in the story of This Side of Nowhere, the narrator has built a life for himself that's not too shabby. After a childhood of having nothing -- no money, no family, no friends, no hope -- he's been able to get an education, start a family, and make up for what he never had before. But his biggest dream, the idea that kept him going for all those years, was still out of reach...until now. Now, he has the chance to live that dream, but, in order to do so, he'd have to give up everything else. So there's definitely an element of hope, but it's laced with guilt and resentment, because why did it have to happen now, like this? In that sense, "All There Is" is also about the crushing feeling of having to make these hard decisions, the knowledge that there isn't always a right answer, and the burden of finding hope even despite it being such a difficult situation. It's something that we've all faced to some degree. We hope that this resonates with our listeners so they know that, no matter what point in their journey they're at or what tough decisions they have to make, they're not alone, and it's okay to have hope -- even if it's complicated.

What's next for you?

Shows, finally! Since we released the album during the pandemic, we haven't had much of a chance to play it live. Now, we have a few gigs lined up -- the next one is August 1st, 11:30 a.m. at the OC Fair, and we're looking to get more! Beyond that, we're working on new material for a second album.


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