Vermont Band Two Towns Releases Feel-Good Single “Should’ve Been Me”

Hailing from Vermont, Two Towns is a young band to watch who is beginning to make waves in New England’s music scene.

The group consists of lead singer Zac Young from Milton, Vermont, who is enrolled in Business at Southern New Hampshire University. Music engineer Hunter Myers is from Westford Vermont and attends Northern Vermont University for Music Business.

The pair’s unique talents compliment each other and are what give their band its ability to grow and evolve. The duo has two singles that are currently available on Spotify and Apple Music “Overdue,” and “Should’ve Been Me.” Both of these songs are sneak peek of Two Town’s debut album “Shell City” that is set to be released soon.

With flavors of smooth Jazz, light Pop, and Indie, “Should’ve Been Me” is a soundtrack for any moment of lighthearted lounging around.

Lyrically, Two Towns sings about the common circumstance of being on the outside looking in at the one that got away. Although the songwriting could bring the emotion of feeling left behind, the production of the song allows it to maintain its feel-good energy. “Should’ve Been Me” has a playful acoustic guitar strum; two down strums, then a stop of the strings. The guitar is enough of a beat for the lighthearted track, but Two Towns adds some extra spice with a light maraca and well-spaced finger snaps.