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Versatile Artist, ShiDa Releases “Fantasy All By Myself”

Canadian based artist, ShiDa, has been rapping and creating beats ever since his teenage years. ShiDa’s playlist includes a wide variety of genres ranging from, Alternative Rock, Hip Hop to Gospel. He’s been influenced by many artists but just to name a few; Three days grace, Metro boomin, Young Thug, Banks, Mike Will Made It, and more! With the goal of going global, ShiDa brings fresh and raw waves to the music industry that can leave one speculating how vast his talent can be, alongside his producing personal of course, “AmiC”.

ShiDa released his single titled “Fantasy All by Myself” which begins with an interesting dialogue between the beat drops and the verse comes in. The songwriting has you thinking on the lyrical interpretation of “Fantasy All by Myself”. However, one of my personal favorite elements of the record would possibly be his unique voice. I mean, it’s clear many artists have unique voices that’s special to them and their sound, but ShiDa’s voice is just one of a kind and we couldn’t help but embrace how particular it was! The rasp and slight accent he possesses helped deliver a style that’s noticeable to “ShiDa”, and in my opinion, made this song pop more ! The beat showed multiple elements of alternative rock alongside hip-hop which is ironically part of ShiDa’s personal playlist! This showed us an important quality in ShiDa I believe would carry him far, the art of versatility. He takes a little of everything to create his own sound and it makes his appeal more digestible to a larger audience of listeners. “Fantasy All by Myself” would translate well in today’s generation in a variety of different genres and subgenres of music, expanding his fanbase!

Listen to “Fantasy All By Myself” here and get to know more about ShiDa below!

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic. Can you tell our readers about yourself ShiDa?

I am a 20 year old boy based in St. John’s, Canada. I was born in Zimbabwe & this is where I picked up my passion for music. I used to record demo tracks whenever I could with homies & I was involved a lot with anything musical in school. I am a mellow dude that just seeks good vibes with people & I like making music that speaks to them.

Between recording and producing, which do you find more enjoyable and which do you find more challenging?

To be honest I love producing & recording equally. Producing is where I lay the foundation of the message I’m trying to portray & recording is the process in which I try to paint an appealing picture that makes people engage with the music’s message. I find recording slightly hard because I’m a perfectionist. After each take I always feel like I can do a better one. So I end up spending lots of time recording. However, I do like the writing part because this is where I fully express my ideas & what I’m feeling.

Tell us about “Fantasy All By Myself” and the theme behind it!?

Fantasy All by Myself is basically about a person that is in love with someone that isn’t fully committed to the love. You might think someone loves you back, but they actually have different motives, sometimes the motive could be hurting you. Instead of the love struck person gaining something positive from the relationship, they end up getting very hurt. 

What inspired you to create this?

Fantasy All by Myself is actually a reboot of another song I had written. The initially song was dark and depressing, one can even tell from the beat because there’s like a thunder sound & lonely sounds going on. The lyrics were just too dark that I decided to focus on a different emotion I was feeling at that time. & that feeling was of betrayal from a person I thought had my best interests in heart.

What could we expect from ShiDa this upcoming summer?

This summer I’m planning on releasing a series of songs as a tape. I’m not calling it an EP because I’m still experimenting with different sounds so I’m calling the tape a demo or a playlist. This tape is going to be called Uniquely Retro & I’ve been working on it for a while, perfecting it. It’ll be my first collection of songs distributed to the world & I just hope fans will love my efforts.


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