“Viajeros” By Mousix Sets The Foundation For A Groundbreaking Sound.

Mousix is a Colombian artist who blends pop with many different genres. He writes catchy songs and strong vocal lines that are easily memorable. He’s well known for getting his music out to a range of different audiences and building his fanbase from there. Currently touring with the Hurricane Tour 2019, this is Mousix first national tour. This tour will get him prepared for his upcoming international tour by the end of the year. Stay tuned! 

“Viajeros” combines a unique blend of pop, electronic and rock music. Mousix fuses a variety of genres togethers to create a smooth and flowing new wave sound. The catchy melodies and thunderous bass take the listener on a journey through the soundscape. “Viajeros”  translates to “Passenger” and that is exactly what the listener becomes when they get lost in Mousix’ sound arrangements and harmonically-rich vocals. Mousix allows his listeners to get lost in the intoxicating rhythm he has created. “Viajeros” slowly pick up into a smooth blend of keys, synths, bass, and vocals. All of these elements fuse into one incredible track. No boundaries or rules can limit Mousix extensive and ever growing sound. He remains free from any one genre and free the mind of the listener. Stay on the lookout for this up and coming artist. 

Listen to “Viajeros” here and read more below in our exclusive interview! 

Hi Mousix! Can you start by introducing yourself and explain your stage name?

I am a musician, composer, music producer and multi instrumentalist from Colombia, I am 26 years old and my stage name came from the greek word Mousike, that it was used in the ancient greek to name all the muses from the arts.

What was your upbringing into music like? How did you get started?

Since I was like 5 years old I started taking guitar lessons and since then I have never stoped, Ive been in many projects from different genres and I started this project 5 years ago.

What goal did you strive to achieve with “Viajeros”? What inspired it?

Viajeros is a song that talks about the never ending spirit of young people to know new places and live new adventures in order to stay alive!

What are three things you want your fans to know about you?

that I will always be grateful for all the support, that my music always is gonna be theirs, and I will see you soon on my next tour

Where do you pull inspiration from?

Life experiences, movies, series, another songs, books.

What's next for you?

3 new more songs this year, the second part of my Huracán Tour 2019 with concerts around Colombia.

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