Vibe Along To Kemdilo Gold’s Latest Track “GET BUSY”

Haitian-born recording artist and songwriter Kemdilo Gold's grind in the Canadian music scene started as tumultuous and rugged as it gets. After being smuggled into the United States to reach his family—a trek that took them from West Palm Beach, Florida to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—they resorted to traveling to the Canadian border on foot in order to escape deportation and residing in a refugee camp. Roots were eventually planted in Longueuil, just outside of Montréal. The pursuit of musical greatness began under the newly created imprint, Sound of Digits. The label is run by Gold's older brother and artist/producer, 10Digits, and has been operating independently for several years. Now based in Toronto, Kemdilo Gold ('Genius Outlook Locating Dimensions') is as motivated as he is talented, and looking to better himself with each day he is blessed with. Overall, he's worked vigorously to create a sound unique to his experiences and purpose.

“GET BUSY” is an energetic and upbeat release from Kemdilo Gold. As an introduction to his work, “GET BUSY” makes for a strong starting point. There’s a certain tone and overall quality to the voice and the way the lyrics are delivered. Everything feels fresh and loaded with just enough personality to make it easily recognizable. “GET BUSY” has an intensity to the performance and an appreciation for the good times, which reflects and reinforces the song’s underlying sentiment and the late-night party vibe in general. Equipped with a catchy beat and the sort of rhythm that’s easy to connect with regardless of your musical preferences, “GET BUSY” is relatable and loved by everyone. Kemdilo Gold does well to go his own way and let the beat and the lyricism pour through in a natural fashion. A bold new single, it will be interesting to see where else the music takes him.

Check out “GET BUSY” here and check out our interview with Kemdilo Gold below!

Hi Kemdilo Gold! Welcome to BuzzMusic, what do you think sets you apart in the music industry today? 

What sets me apart is the my love for the art in different angles. Being a poet, dancer and freestyle rapper, my inspiration is always amplified through a different view. It keeps me refreshed and ready to go. 

What do you hope your listeners take away from your music?

I hope they take the positive messages out of everything. Hopefully that helps their day to day lives. I want them to be able to put themselves in my shoes but also relate to me on a personal level.

What are your thoughts on the current state of hip-hop?

I think it’s growing into a very different beast than before, especially with technology giving everyone the ability to make music. It gives everyone the capabilities to chase their dreams. There’s a good and bad to it, such as auto-tune which has opened the doors to many different abstract melodies.  

Let’s talk about your track “GET BUSY”! What inspired this song and what was the writing process like?

The story behind get "GET BUSY" goes back to the days in life where I didn't really know where to focus my energy to. I would be putting a lot of it in things that never lasted or stayed. I found myself in a loop. So "GET BUSY" was a way to say enough is enough. We're going to be active. We're going to go out, enjoy life and be confident. I wanted to let the world know that depression is real and it causes laziness and affects your physical and mental health. That's what inspired "GET BUSY".

10Digits sent me the instrumental and I was amped to hear the violin and the old-school samples. Then when the hook sample came in I was like… That’s the hook. How do we play with that? - and the rest is history.

What’s next for Kemdilo Gold?

I have multiple different styles ready to drop. The team and I are looking to keep the clubs rocking for a little longer before you get some Kemdilo soul sounds. I’m excited to show that side. To answer the question though, I have my upcoming hit record called “Cinderella” which I think will be #1.


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