Vibe Along To Mr. D.O.G.’s “Rocc W/U” Ft. Shoulderz the Loc, and Kalieb Nac

Well known for over 2 decades in the hip-hop scene of Western Washington, Mr. D.O.G. is a gifted hip-hop artist, lyricist, and a pioneer for the rap movement in his region. His latest project titled “The Aw8kening” is a 15 song LP that showcases Mr. D.O.G.’s versatility and lyrical skill. 

Featured on “The Aw8kening” is “Rocc W/U” which lightly pays a nod to the King of Pop Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You”. It’s an eclectic new track from Mr. D.O.G., Shoulderz the Loc, and Kalieb Nac. On top of what is a gorgeously colorful and partly organic soundscape, Mr. D.O.G. offers up a beautifully uplifting melody-line that’s surprisingly refreshing and addictive all at once. In addition to the likable groove of the music, the song’s concept offers a fine balance between personal truth and a generally accessible level connection. Mr. D.O.G. seems genuinely lost in the moment throughout the recording, he carries the bar well and makes certain to hold your affection without screaming out for views or throwing in anything irrelevant just to add volume. Mr. D.O.G. is an impressive artist with a natural connection to the genre and to performance on the whole. We can’t wait to hear more! 

Listen to “Rocc W/U” here and read more with Mr. D.O.G. below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Mr. D.O.G. We’re moving your recent project  “The Aw8kening”! How long has this LP been in the making and what does it represent for you? 

What's happen?! Thank you for having me. To answer your questions, the inception of this jewel began in early 2018. And what "The Aw8kening" represents to me is knowledge. Knowledge of self, my real enemies, and the wisdom to know the difference between the two. And knowing that now more than ever, the young life needs to be fed real soul food and not all these "zero-calorie" dysfunctional realities.

Of your lengthy list of successes and achievements, which one is the most memorable or makes you the proudest of who you are as an artist?

I would have to say, "The Seattle Mayor's Award for Musical Excellence, Business Acumen, and Community Involvement." And I say this one because it literally was a significant life-changing era for me at the time. I had so many different things happening all at once. And a lot of doors started revolving and that's when I started to truly understand the industry and the power of my voice.

We love learning about the thought process artists have behind their work! What inspired your song “Rocc W/U”? What was the songwriting/creative process like? 

I'm no spring chicken ya dig? I come from an era of fun, soul-touching music. Marvin Gaye, Kool & the Gang, Cameo, understand me? So I wanted to have a party, feel-good joint on the album. A lil intermission from class, like recess, ya feel me? Everybody likes a good party and a feel-good vibe.

How did your collaboration with Shoulderz the Loc, and Kalieb Nash come about?

Dig this, The lil homies from the neighborhood are actually a group and been rattling a couple of bushes called "Gas Team." They had just put out a CD, "Love & Gangsta", and one of their Pop's slid the album to me. I tapped in and then really tapped in. Ya dig?! 

Now mind you, I was just at Jay Uno's and picking out tracks for the Lp. I hear this real saucy slapper for my party joint, and like yeah this "heem." So when I'm leaving, this is when I slip Gas Team's cd into the deck and all I could hear was Nash's voice on my new track. I go back to the "yo," make the call and email them the beat, and they pull up immediately! Like 15 mins! 

Uno plays the track and like it was already recorded, Kalieb starts vibing and hit us with that MJ tribute/twist. He doesn't even get a solid breath out after he finishes his melody before Shoulderz, like he was his Siamese twin, jumped in and started murking the track. The rest is history. And when I say, it was just natural and we pushed it out like that. We really pushed it out like that. 

Thank you so much for talking with us Mr. D.O.G. What's next for you artistically? Do you have any upcoming show to support “The Aw8kening”?

Already. I'm currently in the lab wrapping up the follow-up album, entitled "the Curator". And I'm really letting loose on this one with a bevy of production and collabs that will fondle a lot of earlobes. 

I have several shows coming up in November for the MobWire Tour with Rydah J, Kylde & Shady Nate. It starts in Portland, Oregon at "Fuego" on the 8th and ends in Vegas with shows in Seattle, and Cali. I'm also coming back home to perform at the Seattle Sound Music Awards on November 27th.

But don't forget you can also have a concert on your smartphone. Download/stream the album. It's on all platforms. Again, I 'appreciate y'all for having me on.


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