Vibe Along With COLL And His "Blue Magic III" Release

Norwich-based rapper, producer, and songwriter COLL have been involved in many creative projects over the last chunk of time.

His latest release, titled "Blue Magic III," is an excellent representation of what this artist is truly capable of music-wise. Adhering to a fun, quirky, and confident tone, COLL's music embodies a great time, as well as a flavourful one. With the many life experiences and lessons he's learned, COLL sets out to share various reflections through his music.

"Blue Magic III" begins with what sounds like a radio station broadcast that's introducing COLL's song. Eventually, listeners are brought into his melodic trance once he begins delivering his rhymes, and he matches the upbeat energy of the song's rhythm. The actual style of COLL is incredibly versatile, and you may even pick up on some similarities he shares with big-time Hip/Hop and Rap artists.

COLL shares that he wanted to create "Blue Magic III" to work and collaborate with other artists that he respected and admired.

"I wanted Blue Magic III to be fun and something you can listen to on repeat"

COLL holds empowering energy that gets completely emulated in "Blue Magic III." He has a genuine heart and mind, which gets embedded into his lyrical work and vocal passion. COLL is one Hip/Hop artist to keep in tune with, as he's only rising after the successful debut of "Blue Magic III."

Welcome to BuzzMusic COLL, and congratulations on your debut of "Blue Magic III." Can you share with our readers what this mixtape meant for you? The mixtape is the final in a mixtape series I have been running for the last 2 years. So it's great to finally have it out and to have this music out there. I'm proud of it as it showcases everything about me as an artist. As an artist who is based in Norwich, what kind of response has your single seen there so far? Would you say "Blue Magic III" integrates well into the predominant music scene in Norwich? The reaction has been good so far, I have received a lot of messages and a lot of support from the locals here. I think Blue Magic 3 is something fresh for the city. As a city, it's not really big on Hip hop and rap so I'm hoping this can improve that and grow the scene here. What would you say is the main takeaway from "Blue Magic III?" What were you hoping listeners would think upon listening to the project? I wanted it to be something socially relevant. I wanted people to laugh and enjoy the skits and also understand the story I was trying to paint. If people are entertained and are happy when listening to this mixtape then I'm happy. Do you ever see yourself incorporating genres you've never worked with before in future music? Yes definitely, I would like to experiment more in the future and collaborate with artists who are not in my genre. This is something that previously has brought great music out from other artists in my genre.

What's next for COLL?

Small tour, so I can see how people react to the live shows. More creative music videos and more fun.