Vibe Along With The Jemini in His Latest Single "I Deserve It All"

February 18, 2020 By: Julia P

The Jemini hails from Richmond, VA, and brings a rich sensation to his Hip/Hop and Rap flow. The Jemini has a clear purpose for creating music: to allow others to reflect and understand life as he experiences it. The Jemini is here to bring introspection to all that life has to bring. To explain his experiences and intricate emotions, The Jemini has released his latest track, "I Deserve It All", incorporating some of these prominent ideas. "I Deserve It All" is from The Jemini's EP "2036". The track suggests a more underground production with hints of contemporary stylings for Hip/Hop listeners. The vocalism that has a prominent spotlight within this track sets that low-key vibe intrinsic to "I Deserve It All".  This allows for a laidback environment for listeners. The Jemini knows how to remain cool and collected during his songs, and "I Deserve It All" isn't any different. Music fans can feel the natural flow and progression. The Jemini has the skills and talent required to construct an easygoing track like "I Deserve It All". The song itself is intriguing. It is easy to understand the context upon which the song is based. The Jemini remains strong-willed with "I Deserve It All". With a transparent, yet complex sound, "I Deserve It All" is on the top of our radar right now with its unmatched sense of flow. We are watching for new releases by The Jemini, and we know we're going to find them just as alluring.

Listen to "I Deserve It All" here.