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Vibe Out To “Go Girl” By Wil Pryor

Wil Pryor likes to play basketball, draw and binge a good series and started creating music in 2018 after a close friend was in a tragic accident. This life changing experience sparked Will’s joy for creating music and providing some upbeat tones that will uplift listeners as well as give them that overall feel good vibe when listening to his music.

“Go Girl” is a vivacious blend of Hip-Hop with dashes of pop stylings that deliver a very laid-back tone that eases the listeners mind. The slower accentuation of the beats helps emphasize the talent that Wil has to perform lyrics that have a slightly faster pace than the piano and drums sounds with style. “Go Girl” is filled with well written lyrics that draw audiences in for a closer listen and give them the ability to interpret what they believe could be the message behind them. I personally like that with each listen a new sounds shines through the melodies and “Go Girl” has a variety of different layers that are compiled to create this passionate and emotion packed track. Wil’s tone of voice is lower and provides a rigid addition to this moving track as he has a subtle rasp to his voice and is able to glide over the higher notes beautifully. I also love that the beats slow down during the chorus section to give more emphasis to the lines “Go Girl” and helps it stand out from the rest of the song. I highly recommend you check it out and stay on the lookout for Wil Pryor!

Listen to "Go Girl" here and keep scrolling for more with Wil Pryor.

Hey Wil! Wonderful to chat with you! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

I’m a Gemini, I like to draw, I like to binge great series, and I’m also love to watch movies. When it comes to sports I’m just about down to play any I’m pretty athletic and I honestly enjoy sports.  I love to uplift people. My dreams are to simply help take care of my siblings and my mom I feel like it’s my turn to pay her back a happy life. I also want to help educate more of our younger generations, as well as help keep them out of certain cycles that set them up for failure. I hope to be a great artist and an even better human being. 

Where do you draw inspiration for the creation of your sound from?

I'm not sure I listen to so many artist that anyone of them I would say are an inspiration. When it comes to my sound but I would say the biggest of all was being born in the 90s.

Tell us the meaning behind “Go girl”.

Well honestly I saw so many guys demeaning women “black women in particular”  and it was honestly sickening. I feel like women in general deal with a lot and black women even more. Yet many are so strong, resilient, and successful. I just wanted to put out positive vibes for all to hear and hopefully some guys even learn from. 

Walk us through the creative process when piecing together different instruments and sounds to form your excellent sound.

I usually get instrumentals from some of our local producers  and when I hear the right one the words poor like a rainy day. 

What can we expect to see from you in 2019?

In 2019 you can expect more new music, videos, and performances! 

I plan to begin working on my first EP soon and already have a few singles to release with summer vibes. I’ve released my first song of 2019 “Between Us” I’m hoping to make people feel great when listening to my music and also to get better with each song.


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