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Vibe With GaëL And His New Release “It’s All Good”

GaëL (“Guy-El”) is an independent, talented artist from Congo who has lived in Mississauga, Toronto, and is currently located in Brampton. GaëL is a new and upcoming artist who performs all around Toronto, making waves in the city with his chill beat and feel good lyrics that sets a positive vibe among listeners. GaëL is passionate about creating and producing his own music, and he delivers his raw talent in every track. His newest release that was dropped in March 2019, “It’s All Good”, perfectly demonstrates his ability to capture his audience in an uplifting, carefree, head bopping trance.

GaëL really connects with listeners in his single “It’s All Good” by perfectly integrating powerful and mindful lyrics, while maintaining a catchy, hype beat that makes it hard not to hit repeat. Listening to this track will leave anyone listening with confidence and a positive mindset. The lyric that stood out to me the most was “The past don’t have to be the present, can’t let that stuff get in my way”. What really stuck out to me about this verse is the message that letting go of negativity is the key to success and happiness, and that it can all be done with the change of the mindset. GaëL is a refreshing new face to see in the music industry with it being rare for an artist to produce music with a lesson, advice, and a beat that makes you want to get up and live life to the fullest. GaëL has a great deal of potential in the industry because he knows what his fans want to hear, he knows how to create the perfect blend of quality lyrics and catchy beats, and his performances in Toronto might catch the eye of someone big! We look forward to hearing more from GaëL in the near future!

Stream "It's All Good" here, and continue scrolling for the artists exclusive interview with BuzzMusic!


Hey GaËL! It's great to chat with you! What has been an influence on your career as an artist and why?

Music & God has definitely been the biggest influence on my career as an artist. I love music, it has inspired me and has always been a big part of my life. I like the fact that I get to be creative as an artist, Music is a tool connects and relates to people despite of cultural or social barriers and beliefs. It inspires, relates, brings joy and excitement to people.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome while making & producing music?

The biggest challenge I've had to overcome has been myself, my own fears and doubts about myself and music. We are our worst enemy sometimes and we have to get over ourselves to be able to do what we love doing.

What message do you want listeners to get out of “It’s All Good”?

It's all good is about being grateful for the people around you and the things you are blessed with on a daily basis. It is about forgiving people and letting go of things or people that will bring you down and treasuring the ones that are there for you.

If you were to do a collab, who would you want to work with?

Definitely Aha Gazelle, Jcole, Lecrae, Tori Kelly.

Are you currently working on any projects you want to share about?

I have a new single coming out in June titled "Put it All On" it's gonna be Fire ! 


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