Vibrant Canadian Indie-Pop Duo Adera Releases “Little Feather”

Adera is an eclectic indie-pop duo from Vancouver, BC, Canada. Formed in 2016, their unique

sound came from years of experimenting with the same songs until its founders Tomás Valenzuela and Tiffany Calderbank landed on something they felt they hadn’t heard before. Adera most recently orchestrated its sound and live show to include saxophone, guitar and drums while still holding onto its vibrant synth sounds, introspective lyrics and soft vocal tones. Their second EP is set to be released late 2019, stay tuned!

The opening melody throughout “Little Feather” presents a completely unexpected structure. The lyrics are simple, the leading voice has a certain easy going joyfulness about it, and the simple few notes that make up each line create an immediately memorable, minimalist yet rhythmic thread, which continues to keep you involved from start to finish. Musically, this song has a slightly retro ambiance. The beat, synths, and softly spoken leading voice all make for a simple soundscape that comes with a fairly robotic sense of movement and progression. Things continuously evolve in a manner that refuses to succumb to your expectations. Again, this is something that ties in with the lyrics of the song and it just makes sense. From a songwriting perspective, the track leaves you contemplating that melody and that hook over and over. It’s the perfect, unexpected ear-worm of the moment. 

Check out “Little Feather” here and read more with Adera below! 

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