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Vibrant Electric Tones Mixed With Pop Rhythms In “Comfortable” By Matteson Gregory

Singer, songwriter Matteson Gregory is from Missouri and started to play guitar at the young age of 12 followed by writing her first songs that are inspired by her life experiences. Matteson believes that “real life is the most inspirational thing you can write from” and she draws inspiration from artists such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. When writing music, Matteson tries to create out-of-the-norm songs and recently has been taking her talents to places like Nashville for recording, performances and co-writing along with playing various local venues. Her single “Comfortable” can be described as lively and is about “finding that person that makes you feel comfortable about being yourself.”

“Comfortable” has tones that relax you right from the start of the track, and a voice that is soothing to listen to combined with the relatable lyrics that brings a slew emotions to the surface. Matteson’s voice is refined and it is clear that she draws inspiration from popular pop artists like Taylor Swift as her vocals have remnants of Taylor’s songs as well as some hints of Miley Cyrus scattered throughout the beautiful tones. Her vocals also give the listener a sense of security, that you can trust her as an artist as it connects with her audience personally and you can feel that she embeds herself in her music that is written so creatively. The combination of instruments and sounds that have been used to create the eclectic tones of “Comfortable” showcases that Matteson really knows how to make music that is catchy and makes her audience feel good. Overall, I personally love the gorgeous tone of Matteson’s voice as it has an innocence to it along with a musical structure that is unmatchable.

Check out "Comfortable" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey Matteson! You have a lovely voice! Can you tell us a little more about yourself?

Thanks! You're too sweet! For starters I am a singer-songwriter. But other than my love of music and striving to do that professionally, I honestly just consider myself a 22 year old living and learning about life. Most of my time I either spend with my loving family and friends or my handsome golden Joey (You can say I am a proud dog mom.) I also love to dance and my coffee consumption is equal to that of a Gilmore Girl. 

Do you have a dream venue that you would love to perform at?

Oh my gosh there are so many!!! I would have to say the dream would be to perform at places that I've seen some of my favorite concerts at like the BOK center or JQH Arena. I just think it would be so cool to be on a stage and go "Wow! And years ago I saw a concert here." That would be AMAZING!!!

From an artist’s perspective, what do you feel sets your sound apart from other up-and-coming artists in the music industry?

I feel like the one thing that sets my sound apart is that I'm always experimenting. I am always constantly trying to find new ways to make my music stand out. To be honest, most of my songs don't sound the same which, to me, is exactly what I aim for. 

What was the creative process like when writing “Comfortable”?

Very natural. I remember sitting on my staircase with my guitar and the song just started coming out. I then went to Nashville and met with Sean Rogers (the producer of the song) and his assistant, Forrest Finn, who helped me dig deeper both lyrically and melodically. The song itself went through three different drafts before getting to the final version. 

Tell us what we can expect to see from you next in 2019.

You can expect to see new music for sure. I've got a lot of ideas up my sleeve that I'm quite excited about. Actually, I'm really excited about!



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