Vicious Chxld Reminds You to Check Your Attitude With “Attitude 101”

From New Orleans, Vicious Chxld has grown up in a state full of music and culture, which opened her eyes to the artistic world at a young age. Vicious Chxld has worked as a songwriter, producer, and engineer for artists signed to a variety of different record labels, such as Atlantic Records. Since 2016, she has been building her professional skills and working with different artists, while moving towards something bigger. As she moves forward in her career and begins releasing her music, she has had the opportunity to play with different genres and create a sound unique to her.

Attitude 101” by Vicious Chxld displays her ability to blend genres with alternative pop, electronic, and trap influences. It is tremendously catchy, with an attention-grabbing beat and expressive vocals. On top of the beat, something that really caught my attention was the addition of gaming sounds at the beginning of the song, with a voice calling out “perfect” simulating the moment you had just taken first place in a game. It was a unique touch that complimented the track nicely. Vicious Chxld brings forth a message that should be heard more often; that attitude and negative mindsets don’t get you anywhere. She sings about bringing good energy wherever you go and does so in a package with her fearless and striking song.

Listen to “Attitude 101” here.

Tell us a little bit about why you wrote this particular song. Was there a specific event that preceded sparked the idea?

In the world we live in today, there is so much negative energy around us that affects our daily lives, we need a change. With all the political drama we as people should come together in times like this and lift each other, not bring each other down. Days before the new year, I had a disagreement with a close friend of mine, and at the time the energy I was receiving wasn’t positive at all. Being that this is my first release as an artist, it was important to me that my first offering to the world is to have unapologetic self-love, positive energy, and self-improvement. As we are at the beginning of a new year, who doesn’t want to be surrounded around people with positive energy, a great mindset, and stability?

When it comes to songwriting, do you typically start with a melody or lyrics? What would you say is the most important part?

I always start with the melody and let the lyrics derive from the gibberish ideas that instantly just flow out my mouth. I wouldn’t say one is more important than the other because they both play a big role in songs, however, for me melodies are very important in my songs. The melodies create the overall vibe and carry the emotion across the song. If you have a bad melody, but good lyrics it won’t be perceived as well as a song with a great melody and okay lyrics. In our generation, you can have minimal lyrics that make enough sense for people to relate to and let people love the song because of the melody.

Who are two artists you would say influenced you the most and why? Two artists that influence me I would say are Lil Wayne and Post Malone. Being born and raised in New Orleans I grew up listening to Wayne and he is just a musical genius. His flow, his delivery, his wordplay, his attitude is one the best to this day in the industry. Post Malone is one of the few artists that aren’t afraid to take chances. He started out as a rapper that everyone said he was “trying to be black.” I respect him a lot because he didn’t let that dictate his career. He isn’t just an artist he’s pretty good music that isn’t afraid to combine music from the past and put his personal style to it, a musical genius!

It’s been a pleasure chatting with you today Vicious Chxld! After Attitude 101, what do you have next planned musically? Any other singles in the works? We're looking forward to hearing what's next from you.

Thank you for having me…I have big things in store! A few more single coming as well, it’s just about planning for the right time and executing them.