Vicious Vic Rides Through "The City," With His Latest Banger

From Seattle, Washington, the ferocious hip-hop artist, rapper, and songwriter Vicious Vic takes a groovy ride through "The City" with his latest stimulating single.

Vicious Vic made his way into the industry at a fairly young age through his family's record label, "Knock On Wood Records," which led him to be around many artists in the studio. Fast forward a few years, Vicious Vic now has his own label, "Beanie Season Records," and is making significant moves with his dynamic music, which is inspired by the likes of 2Pac, Biggie Smalls, NWA, Curren$y, Snoop Dogg, Gucci Mane, and Outkast.

Recently releasing his powerhouse single, "The City," Vicious Vic runs through his city, leaving a trail of smoke behind him as he blazes us with his powerful bars and charismatic vocal delivery. Not to mention the fiery and shimmering sonic production, this track truly stands out as a heated summer anthem.

Hitting play on "The City," the song opens with a sparkling synth arrangement that later drops into a heated and powerful drum beat alongside Vicious Vic's chilling vocal entry. Vicious Vic truly stops us dead in our tracks with his rhythmic flow and picturesque bars as he paints various images of blazing up and strolling through the city without a care in the world.

We can't help but bop our heads throughout the song's entirety, especially as the brilliant sonic atmosphere continues to develop with each groovy and energetic element. As Vicious Vic continues to scorch our speakers with his fun-loving bars, the track comes to an end, and we're left in need of a lighter.

Allow Vicious Vic's latest single, "The City," to be your anthem for the summer. Find "The City" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Vicious Vic. We love the power and carefree approach you've taken with your recent hit, "The City." What inspired you to write a song about living it up and riding through the city with your good friend ganja?

What inspired me when writing this song is everyday life. That’s just something that I do, ya know haha. Just enjoying life, but also taking care of business as well. Work hard, play hard.

Who created the heated production for "The City?" What sort of vibe and atmosphere were you aiming to achieve with the sonics?

The track is produced by Bier Music. The type of vibe that was produced was just that, a Vibe. Something that you can ride to, but also something that will get u going, ya know. Something u can blaze to and get money to. So the people can feel the vibe of the city.

Do you usually release such anthemic and feel-good songs like "The City?" Are songs like this a usual occurrence for you and your sound?

I would say that this is something that I do. I want people to feel good and enjoy themselves while they listen to my music. It’s more than just music, it’s a lifestyle ya know. I’m just trying to motivate and put out positive vibes. Just keep it real and the people will feel it.

We've heard that you're cooking up a few projects. Could you drop any hints as to what we should expect from these forthcoming releases?

I can say that I'm finishing up a project that will drop next month in August, will drop the title on my IG real soon so follow me to find out. @ViciousVic206_Official. I am also working on another project that might turn into two, that will drop in a couple of months. I think I might drop a single real soon tho. I am working on new visuals that will start releasing in August as well. I’m always working on something. All releasing on my independent label Beanie Season Records.