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Vicky Rai Releases An Instant Christmas Classic

17-year-old vocal sensation Vicky Rai hails from Toronto, Canada, as an up-and-coming star who has been singing live at various Portuguese music events since the age of nine.

Teaming up with Grammy-nominated producer Michael Hanson - the musical sparks between them flew as Vicky Rai continued to showcase her sweetheart nature through everything she does.

Treating her audience to a taste of the holiday season done the Vicky Rai way, her most recent single, “Born on Christmas Day,” is sure to get all listeners in the Christmas spirit. Commencing with chimes and delicate wisps that cast you into a euphoric holiday destination, the elusive factor that begins pulsing through your speakers has enchanted written all over it.

Accompanying Vicky Rai's grace, the instrumentation intensifies to match the integrity with which Vicky Rai showcases her poignant timbres. Effortlessly taking a hold of you, her extensive vocal range wraps around your ears in a warm embrace.

With a vast amount of passion poured into this record, you can hear the glimmers of significance spill throughout. Inspired by Vicky Rai’s father, who gave her the idea to write a song in time for Christmas, the two sat down at the piano and let the concepts flow.

The brilliant harmonies that Vicky Rai bears usher out heartfelt lyrics, which are memories she cherishes deeply. Pulling us into such a personal place, all while openly expressing herself, is what musical dreams are made of.

Encouraging her audience to gather around one another and bask in the presence of their family and friends, “Born on Christmas Day” sprinkles the infectious energy of Vicky Rai into the company of her audience.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Vicky Rai! Congratulations on the release of your latest single, “Born on Christmas Day.” We love the passion that you drizzle into this record so naturally. How did it feel to create a song that is so heartfelt and filled with memories?

This song felt like no other. I was feeling in the Christmas spirit, thinking of all the good times with family and friends, laughing and listening to Christmas music, and remembering how that felt. While writing, it reminded me of how things were before the pandemic, not being able "Born On Christmas Day."

How did you find the experience of writing a song specifically tailored to the holidays?

It was a great experience. My songs are mostly about love, caring, and life experiences, and when I had the melody in my head, it just came out that way. As I started creating the melody the lyrics came right after, and with the help of my father, we came up with the hook of the song, which was 'someone was born on Christmas day that year it felt like it was the perfect timing for a new Christmas song.

Did you find that you approached it differently from other songs you’ve written?

The approach was the same. I always came up with the melody first. Then the lyrics came after I have some chords laid down on my piano.

We love that you and your father came up with these ideas together. Could you please share a glimpse into what the initial creative process looked like when you sat at the piano?

Well, it was me at the piano playing with some chords figuring out the tune, and I asked my dad to come and listen in while I played the first chord, my Dad came up with the first melody, and from there, the ideas just came flowing into my head.

You have such a wide vocal range that truly impacts your listeners. What musical influences do you look up to that may have helped you find the style you possess today?

I've looked up to Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes, and Justin Bieber and learned so much from their style of music, along with Tate Mcrae and Olivia Rodrigo, that I wanted my style to be similar to theirs but unique to my sound.

What is the meaning of Christmas to you? What words would you like to share with your listeners for the holidays?

Christmas means family, love, helping the less fortunate, and having fun with the people you love. I would like to share with my listeners that no matter near or far, I hope my music has and will inspire you to be kind and to love one another, not just around the holidays but every day of your life. I have learned not to take life for granted and to be the best human being I can be for myself and others.

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