Victoria Barral Reminds Us Not to "Settle," for Anyone

Constantly leaving listeners in awe of her musical and lyrical prowess, the singer-songwriter, pop/r&b artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Victoria Barral leaves us in a freight train of thought with her recent single, "Settle."

If there's anything Victoria Barral has learned throughout her 14-year musical journey, it's to trust God and always persevere. Currently finishing up her senior year at Berklee College of Music studying Professional Music with Concentrations in Songwriting and Composition, Victoria Barral is also working on her debut studio album while writing about meaningful, real-world, and societal problems.

Now releasing her recent emotional and relatable single, "Settle," Victoria Barral offers a sound message that expands on why people choose to settle in unhealthy relationships instead of seeking the one God has created for them. "I can't stress it enough: do not settle for just anyone. Wait for the person God has for you. I have been single my whole life, and while sometimes I feel left out, I know in the future, I will be glad I waited," states Barral.

Hitting play on "Settle," the song gently opens with Diego Cortez's smooth acoustic guitar melodies, accompanied by Eli Schildkraut's soothing piano and Adam Saah's downtempo drum breaks. As Victoria Barral makes her angelic vocal appearance, she wastes no time jumping into the song's theme that encourages listeners to avoid settling when it comes to love and happiness.

Not to mention Kari Estes's calming bassline, the entire instrumental deeply complements Victoria Barral's sound lyrical message, truly fueling the atmosphere with nothing but honesty, motivation, and passion. We're head over heels for such a compelling single like this, as Victoria Barral has perfectly crafted this song to move mountains in the listener's mind.

Allow Victoria Barral to remind you not to "Settle," with her recent smooth and honest single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.