Victoria Staff Releases The Mellifulous Single “Violets In My Hair”

Born in Toronto Canada, Victoria Staff taught herself how to play the guitar at the age of 10 in 2008. There was nothing cooler to her than being exactly like Taylor Swift so she spent most of her time after school in choir or musical theater where she would go home and write about almost anything and everything. Thriving off the feeling of performing, she moved out and went to BC for school at the University Of British Columbia.

Victoria Staff released her single titled “Violets In My Hair” and this record was delightful, riveting, and had multiple home-like elements to the production of the guitarist. Victoria Staff’s voice is soft, comforting, and highly texturized. It’s a voice you can’t forget and a voice that sticks with you like glue. The atmosphere and detail to the music make this song so amazing and the energy feels so welcoming. It’s like this warm hug that has your energy feeling rejuvenated. The more you listen to “Violets In My Hair” the more attached you become with every aspect of the record. It’s the perfect single for you to get lost in and never want to come back out! Victoria Staff has this special magnificent voice that will certainly leave her listener coming back for more. If you become thoroughly impressed and long for more, try checking out her full-length album titled “The Blue Book Project”. You won’t be disappointed!

Listen to “Violets In My Hair” here and get to know more about Victoria Staff below!

Thank you for joining us Victoria Staff! We’re happy to have you. You mentioned Taylor Swift as one of your inspirations growing up. What about her and her artistry inspired you as a growing musician? Who are some other influences of yours?

I loved Taylor Swift growing up. I didn't really understand why until I was older, but she was unique in that she was a major radio artist and was female. She told stories in her songs, and that was something that inspired me to write. While I'll always appreciate the passion she sparked in me, I wouldn't say she's a huge influence on my music right now. I love the lyrics in Hozier's songs, and am always so inspired by how he can weave themes not only through a song, but a whole album. I've been listening to Jessica Mitchell a lot lately. I heard her open for Johnny Reid in Vancouver and got hooked right away by the way she was able to fill a venue with just her voice and her guitar. Heart of Glass blows my mind every time. I could kind of go on forever though, I was raised on Classic Rock (courtesy of my Dad), but listen to all kinds of music so my influences are kind of all over the place. Janis Joplin, The Eagles, Ingrid Michaelson, Passenger, and Demi Lovato have all contributed to my music career in some way or another. 

How would you describe your songwriting approach? What’s the method you take when creating the perfect single for you?

When it comes to songwriting, lyrics are the most important part. I started songwriting to sort my thoughts out, and that's why I continue writing. It gives me a space to clear my head when all my words seem to come out backwards. It usually starts with a line, whether or not it has a melody, and then I build the song around that idea. I know how I want a song to make me feel, and just work until I get it there. Whether it's the sound that needs tweaking or the words, I just play with it until I can look at the page and feel satisfied. I want to tell stories to people, to capture people with words and music allows me to do that. 

In what ways did you incorporate these songwriting approaches in making your single “Violets In My Hair”? What was the meaning behind this song?

I love Violets in My Hair. I wrote it for my older sister after joining a sorority. I had an incredibly difficult transition into university and joined a sorority to help soften the blow; my sister was a part of the same sorority. For months of first year I wanted to drop out of school, and it wasn't until the second term when I started to feel people rally around me that I realised I had started to find the semblance of a family in Vancouver. I wrote Violets in My Hair really quickly. I had this idea of making a decision and knowing that it was hard, but knowing that it was the right thing. Knowing that right now everything is a mess, but it's on its way to getting better - "And I will build a home in this place that you've brought me". That Vancouver wasn't yet my home but it would be if I gave it time. 

In what ways does “Violets In My Hair” represent the theme of “The Blue Book Project”?

I wanted The Blue Book Project to be all these little bits of my life. I didn't want to touch on the same subject twice, and I wanted it to be a round-about description of my life up until the point of the album's release. Violets in My Hair was all about my plans moving forward from the album. While all the other songs were stories that had beginnings, middles and ends, Violets told a story that wasn't finished yet, which is why it's last on the album.

We’re sure this isn’t the last we'll be hearing from you so what are some of your plans as the fall approaches? Mind sharing what we can expect soon?

Ahh, "what's next?" is a scary and exciting question. As the fall approaches I'll be back in Vancouver performing shows at my favourite venues. I am planning on releasing new songs to YouTube as well before the year is over, to follow the two songs I put out on YouTube earlier in the year. I am looking at recording more music in the near future, but as to what and when is still a bit up in the air. I love my new music, I'm so proud of it and I feel it's not only more mature but more representative of me as a person. It has a bit more personality. I'm so excited to share it, and I play a lot of it live, so if you're looking to hear it feel free to come see my shows! 

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