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Vinnin Won't Be Held Down In His New Release, “See Me Now”

The Scarborough, Toronto, native continues to blaze his trail with standout releases.

One of the many beautiful things about the music industry is that things constantly evolve, ensuring new sounds are explored, and new talents are rising.

However, many amazing artists, only the most dedicated and talented, rise to the top. In just three years, Scarborough, Toronto artist Vinnin has established himself as one of these premier talents, quickly distinguishing himself from his peers with his frank and authentic lyricism and dynamic delivery. Fresh off a label deal with the esteemed EMPIRE outfit (home to luminaries like King Von and XXXTENTACION), the sky’s the limit for this electric talent.

Vinnin is one of the rare artists to hit the ground running with their debut truly. His catchy debut single “Top of The Game” immediately built a buzz for himself, earning him a spot on the NBA 2K21 soundtrack. Not one to rest on his laurels, Vinnin would go from strength to strength, collaborating with respected Scarborough producer Yanchan on his acclaimed release “See Me Now,” which caught the attention of media platforms like The Toronto Star. His hard work and success would not go unnoticed within the industry either, with heavyweight label EMPIRE scouting and signing him.

In many ways, “See Me Now” is a declaration and celebration of Vinnin’s dizzying rise to prominence. Over crisply produced, steady, and inspirational instrumentals, Vinnin and featured artist Yvng.MT are on top of their game, dropping lyrics like “I been low, I been low, now I’m soarin” and “Starry shinin like the 4th of July / Demons with me and you know we don’t hide” with the kind of ecstatic energy that simply feels liberating.

It’s another strong release in Vinnin’s quickly growing discography. With his new release “Oluwa, Oh No” also quickly building a buzz for itself, all signs point to Vinnin continuing his ascent to even greater artistic heights.

Vinni’s release “See Me Now” is a liberating release that oozes with the charisma of an artist operating at the peak of his significant powers and knows it. Whenever you’re ready to put some uplifting hip-hop into your rotation, tap in and stream Vinnin’s new release, “See Me Now,” on all majour streaming platforms.

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