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Vinny Releases A Bilingual Hit “Don Pablo”

A 17 year old rapper who was born in the Venezuela, Vinny was raised in Calgary and just began working to achieve his dreams. He began writing at the age of 12 years old and released his first E.P at the age of 13. Entirely self-taught production and writing, he released one full-length mixtape and is working on releasing another this summer alongside various of singles.

We listened to his latest single “Don Pablo” and we were completely impressed by the entire song. What we loved most about this record was how Vinny implemented his Venezuelan swag into his music. You feel a sense of his culture and background while listening. There’s a huge missing gap in today’s industry for a rapper like Vinny and a record like “Don Pablo”. Vinny was able to showcase his versatility by rapping in Spanish while also delivering the heat in english as well. His bilingual flow is something very special to his artistry and is what’s lacking in today’s music industry is an artist who can appeal to a wide range of listeners. “Don Pablo” is digestible for various different types of hip-hop and rap lovers. I loved the soothing acoustics that floated in the back of the simple beat with Vinny’s relaxing delivery. “Don Pablo” is a song you can head bop towards without feeling any sort of aggression from the music. A cooling, kick-back record that still brings the heat. “Don Pablo” sparks your interest in Vinny and what else he has to offer us. We’re excited to see what’s next for this young promising artist!

Listen to "Don Pablo" here .


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