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Violet Grae Proves It's Never Too Late to Be Fully You

If you’re looking for a sonic and visual punch, Violet Grae is a powerhouse that you won’t want to turn your back on. Reminiscent of vocal legends such as Christina Aguilera and P!nk, Violet Grae’s timbres address themes of empowerment and individualism, all while symbolizing these bold initiatives with her style and grace.

Violet Grae’s fresh take is a happy marriage of vocal power and emotion generated by electronic production that in turn leaves us awestruck.

Scenes of pink infiltrate your screen as you take in the intoxicating rush of Violet Grae’s most recent sonic and visual release for “BYOB.” The sanctioning persona that comes to her as second nature plays into the brightly colored cinema that adds bursts of character into the compelling essence that “BYOB” emits.

Violet Grae’s sultry, yet passion-fueled vocals have her singing impactful words that cement her beliefs while the visuals surrounding her feed that fire impeccably. Taking place in an office setting, where she can be seen surrounded by other workers, the no-nonsense attitude that charismatically pours from her performance shows how in the blink of an eye, you can take back your life as your best, most bad self.

Instilling a striking message in high fashion, the fortified quintessence of “BYOB” is backed up by a mind-altering dance number, various outfit changes, and the desire to regain control of a life that you deserve to live out.

Putting her foot down in a figurative and literal way, the vivacious energy that stems from regaining access to who you always were is truly driven home in this masterpiece. We feel all sorts of empowerment as this storyline unfolds, and with each scene, Violet Grae continues to morph into her truest form of confident chic.


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