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ViVi Is Not For “Mind Games” In Her Latest Track

Viviana also know as Vivi was born and raised in Italy. Vivi has Ghanaian origins and grew up listening to soulful and gospel music. Some of her biggest influences growing up were Lauryn Hill, The Fugees, India Arie and Erykah Badu! Making her voice known by being apart of various events and things in and around Italy, Manchester, and even London! Vivi’s passion for music has only grown through the years. She likes to view herself has a citizen of the world with the aim to connect and empathise with people’s emotions and feelings through her soulful voice. Sharing with us her latest release “Mind Games” eager to take a listen to it!

Reggaeton! My my my! I am so in love with the vibes of this song. Music truly is universal and can come across any platform or genre and really shock you! This girl is one of those shocking loves! Her voice is so soulful and mesmerizing and you get lost in her lyrical story. This is definitely a track that you catch your body swaying to and can immediate replay the track. There is a positive message behind this track that I really do love. And the mix of tones, sounds, and her voice makes it all worthwhile. Not to mention the extremely cool cover art for this track. Tuning into “Mind Games” was a nice change of pace. I really respect this woman for listening to her inner voice and creating her version of art!

Listen to “Mind Games” here.

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