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Voice Of Addiction Release Impressive Heavy Hitting Single Called "Dead By Dawn"

Voice of Addiction are a punk rock group based out of Chicago, Illinois. This band has a wealth of experience, playing their socially conscious and politically charged music since 2004 at over 1,300 shows across North America. As an established force to be reckoned with, they have 7 official releases of which they have independently sold over 8,000 physical copies, which doesn’t even include their involvement with countless compilations and digital sales. Their music has been featured in video games Skateboard Party 1, 2, and 3, as well as Snowboard Party 1 and 2. Not just content to stay in their lane as a rock act, they even have a full length documentary on Voice of Addiction called “Punk Band” which is out now at all major outlets.

“Dead by Dawn” is this Voice of Addiction’s latest single. The best way I can think to describe this song is a perfect intersection between the raw untamed power of punk and polished professionalism that only comes with time and experience. The guitars are heavy, the vocals have an unmistakable intent and power, the drums are unbelievably precise, and the pace of the song is fast and furious as anything. Within seconds, it becomes apparent that this dynamic group has a subconscious understanding of their collective sound to which each member contributes in an expert manner, which is a fancy way of saying these guys are the real deal. At just shy of two and a half minutes, this song seems to be over before it begins. My sole complaint is that I just want more, but that’s what the repeat button is for! Do yourself a favor and check out “Dead by Dawn” today, and have your head rattled in the best possible way.

Listen to "Dead By Dawn" here and get to know more about Voice Of Addiction below!

Hey guys, thanks for answering a few of our questions! First of all, how did you all form and become Voice of Addiction?

"V.o.A. started when I moved to Chicago in the summer of 2002. A friend I grew up with playing in bands together had already lived there for 2 years and found us a house. One of our roommates was a drummer, and over late night sessions eventually songs and a set formed. This would be the first line-up. We were all in Music school and working full time so the beginnings were a tad slow. in 2004 our first self titled full length came out. I have been the only original member since 2012."

You guys have a vast experiential background as a band which becomes clear the moment someone hears your music. How would you say you guys have evolved as a band from the mid 2000s to present day?

"We were a lot more genre hopping in the early days. As time went on I started to move more and more towards my earliest influences and first music loves. Namely the early to mid 80's punk hardcore scene. I always describe my songwriting style as a mix of my classical training and my ADHD haha. I have always tried to push against the stigma that you don't have to be a good musician to play punk rock. Plus if I am going to be playing these songs every single night, I need to keep them interesting enough that I don't get bored."

As punk rockers, who would you say your collective artistic influences are?

"Fugazi, american steel, elliot smith, blood for blood, born against, the business, circle jerks, crass, conflict, dinosaur jr, primus, devo, dead kennedy's, dead millkmen, exploited, gbh, helmet, kill your idols, jane's addiction. misfits, lard, ministry, minor threat, rites of spring, old crow medicine show, the pist, pinkerton thugs, youth brigade, subhumans, the dpecials, at the drive in, the toasters, total chaos, violent femmes, woody guthrie, sick of it all, tomahawk, born against, unsane, dead and gone, lethargy, nebula, stiff little fingers, agnostic front, the cure, mr bungle, polka dogs, the pixies, radiohead, queens of the stone age, the slackers, gang of four, elvis costello, and you will know us by the trail of the dead, pavement, against me, face to face, bad brains, the clash, madness, 7 seconds, rollins band, built to spill, angry samoans, gogol bordello, dead boys, kind of like spitting, howlin joe hawkins, neutral milk hotel, talking heads, the pietasters, the mars volta, murder city devils, angelic upstarts, man or astroman, sonic youth, beck, karma to burn"

You have a full length documentary, which is impressive for anyone. What was it like filming this and what can your fans expect? Also, where can we get a hold of it?

You can find it in all major video markets such as amazon and vimeo. We filmed a 4 1/2 week west cost tour with no days off. You can find it from the website You really try to just act normal and try not to remember the camera is there. Touring is hard and you are always exhausted and super busy so this makes it easy to do."  

Would you mind describing what your creative process looks like? How do you guys figure out how these songs all come together?

"You never really know when inspiration will hit. I always keep a small notebook and pen in my pocket just in case. Whether it is a theme, idea, progression, melody lyric etc it doesn't matter. The smallest thing can spark a whole slew of ideas. Sometimes a song comes from inception to completion in 15 minutes. Other times ideas stew over years until the thing that connects or makes them makes sense comes to light. most common I write them on my acoustic, but sometimes it starts with bass, vocals, drums or piano."

What can we hope to see from your band going forward?

" We have an east coast tour coming up May 30 - June 16 and a whole bunch of shows and festivals throughout the midwest this summer. In October we will be back out on the west coast."


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