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VOIDS Release New Single, “Captive”

The Hagerstown, Maryland, outfit won't let stigma stifle its message.

Back in 2015, the seeds of a musical revolution were sown. Hailing from Hagerstown, Maryland, Voids emerged onto the scene, setting their trajectory with the release of their acclaimed EP 'As Above, So Below.'

Having gone through a couple of different iterations, the band's sound is nonetheless defined by an underlying desire to show that no matter what void encompasses your life, music can fill it better than any vice ever could. Poised to make waves with their upcoming release "Captive," Voids will surely put the industry on notice again.

For Voids, pursuing music was more than just a fleeting passion; it became a mission to spread a profound message of hope and healing. Amidst the challenges of lineup changes and the small matter of the global health pandemic, the band knew they wanted to make a difference in people's lives.

Having initially split up after their acclaimed album "No Character, No Crown" released in 2017, they would rise from the ashes again, rekindling their artistic passions and sharpening their skills like never before.

The inspiration for "Captive" is unsurprisingly sincere and meaningful. Having all been victims of domestic violence in the past, they wanted to address the stigma attached to fellow male victims when attempting to speak out.

Framed by an explosive instrumental performance that exudes resistance and defiance, lyrics like "So when your tears fall down like rain / From the guilt under your rage" urge listeners to persevere. The passion Voids operates with is obvious, and it's fair to say that on "Captive," they've put on a performance for the ages.

Voids' "Captive" is an intense, fierce production with significantly softer intentions. For any fans of metal, "Captive" is sure to be an alluring release that's sure to be at home on your playlists.

Whenever you're ready, tap in and stream Voids's new release, "Captive," available now on all major streaming platforms.


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