VonDon Knows That She Just Wanna “Party”

VonDon is currently making his name known throughout Atlanta, GA. Quickly on his way to becoming one of the industry's newest and hottest artists, he has his own authentic sound.  Working with many notable artists such as Tokyo Vanity, Skooly, Molly Brazy, DaeDae and DunDeal, VonDon is always creating new content. A native of South Central Los Angeles and the owner of production company, First Row, Von has always had a love for music. He knew as a child, he wanted to create music. As he got older, the love only grew stronger. With music on SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify and all major streaming platforms, VonDon is on his way up.

“Party” is a smooth new track with a chill ambiance and killer beat. The production quality goes above and beyond our expectations and is extremely finely-calibrated. He expertly blends R&B and hip-hop with a slightly infectious pop undertone. VonDon’s vocal style suits the passion and honesty of a dedicative song like this really well. “Party” goes onto explore various uncommon avenues of audio craft-work, but never does this take away from the natural flow and heart of the performance and the song itself. A strong leap forwards for VonDon, following a string of impressive musical achievements to date. The one to watch!

Check out “Party” here and keep scrolling for more with VonDon.


Hey VonDon! How do you manage to successfully run your production company and create relevant and contemporary content so consistently?

Time management and scheduling things out plays a big role in being able to keep things running smoothly and consistently. Honestly it's easy to get off track or procrastinate, especially when you're balancing so many different things. Sometimes one aspect gets more attention than the others. So keeping a tight schedule and planning things out helps. As far as the relevant and contemporary part we kinda just do our thing. The music really just comes natural, it's genuine and true to us. Of course we stay tuned into the industry, social media and whats going on in the world, that helps kinda give a perspective of direction. Overall though it's us, everything you see and hear is First Row. Staying consistent is just a team effort. We all push each other to stay on our Ps and Qs. We genuinely love music and what we do so it isn't too much of a hassle. Music feels less like a job when you really love and enjoy it.

Who are your top three musical influences and why?

Nipsey Hussle definitely influences me a lot in many different ways. We're from the same city so everything he talks about pretty much hits home for me. Seeing him go from selling Cds on the street to owning many different business ventures is inspiring. It showed me that the limits of an artist are endless and there's more than just getting a hit record. 

Tory Lanez is on the list as well. Creatively his work is just astonishing to me. Ive been listening to him since he was around 16 or so. The growth is amazing. Now his music sounds so polished and perfected. He's Definitely an amazing creative.  Big Sean is super dope. The way he experiments with lyrics and flows has always been crazy. His Dark sky Paradise album really did it for me. 

Tell us about your song “Party”! What inspired this?

Truthfully it was just a vibe. I was up at like 3am going through beats from Cosa. I wanted to do something different then i normally make, something that felt a little more slow motion. Once i heard the beat i knew it was perfect. I started vibing to it and the record went from there. I believe i had it sitting on my hard drive for about a year. I still love the record to this day though.

What would be your dream venue to perform?

I wanna say the Staples Center. Thats home and it fits 21,000 people. That would be amazing to sell out. But truthfully whatever venues holds the biggest crown, thats my dream. 

How does the music you make now compare to when you first started making music?

It's a lot more polished now, better executed, more professional. Especially now that i mix my own music i'm a lot more creative. It's Definitely more mature. Overall i think its just better in every aspect. Im loving the new me.  


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