Vox Rea Asks What It Means To Be Free In A Self-Titled Debut Album

Bringing us a nomad of an album from Toronto, Berlin, Montreal, and Boston, is Vox Rea's highly anticipated debut project, 'Vox Rea: Self-Titled.'

Vox Rea is Kate Kurdyak, Lauren Kurdyak, Kaitlyn Hansen Boucher, and Mitchell Schaumberg. Together, they create soundtracks for navigating life in the 20-something stage through euphoric and honest creations.

The group's new album, 'Vox Rea: Self-Titled,' gives listeners a sliver of hope in this raw and chaotic digital world. The record was recorded in the snowy forests of Quebec, Canada. It uses a unique digital and analog recording hybrid that fuses electronic elements and real, human connection.

Listeners can also get a visual representation of the album through Vox Rea's breathtaking short film entitled 'The Beast,' available on YouTube.

The new album features some familiar and popular tracks from the group, such as the chilling anthem for forgiveness, "Dose Me Up," and the free-spirited alternative tune, "Reset."

From Vox Rea's point of view, their debut self-titled album was "born out of a fascination with the contradictions inherent in the human experience." They add that it's a celebration of living freely and an ode to the nature of choice.

At its core, the 'Vox Rea: Self-Titled.' debut album tracks the journey of Vox Rea "trying to come to terms with their generation's place in the human story." It covers early adulthood themes like self-doubt, lust, identity, independence, grief, and discovering what freedom truly means.

Once you're ready to dissect the meaning of life as a 20-something individual, look no further than Vox Rea's conceptual debut album, 'Vox Rea: Self-Titled.," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Vox Rea. We love the meaning and concept within your debut album, 'Vox Rea' What inspired these authentic and relatable themes of early adulthood?

That means a lot, thank you. The album was written over a few years while we were all in our early twenties. So much of it was processing the existential angst of being a twenty-something trying to find your place in the world. Especially these days when we and so many of our peers are questioning how to live in what sometimes feels like a dying world. The concept of freedom is a theme that permeates the record. There’s this Kierkegaard quote that goes, “anxiety is the dizziness of freedom” and that beautifully sums up what this album is about. How does your short film, "The Beast," represent the album, 'Vox Rea'? How does it dissect what the album is about?

The Beast was a medium where we wanted to represent some of the themes on the album (grief, escapism, fear, identity) using abstract imagery. We tell the story of our progression as a band and as people through all these interconnected parallel universes. More generally, it's a story about the fight against nihilism and the pursuit of meaning in this life. What was it like recording such a personal record like 'Vox Rea?' Was this a cathartic and rather spiritual experience? 100%. For us, music is a modality that creates a sort of container for these otherwise overwhelming feelings that are moving through us. There is so much catharsis that comes from processing in this way. The work of the artist is so empowering in that it takes something hard and turns it into something tangible and beautiful. What impact do you want the 'Vox Rea' album to have on listeners? What do you hope they learn, think, and feel?

One of our guiding principles as artists is to get out of the way and leave room for people to map their own stories onto the music. Subjectivity is what we love most about the power of art. The beauty of the relationship between artist and listener is that you hand over the power of interpretation. We actively try not to say too much about what art means. We can tell you where it came from, but ultimately when you put music out into the world, there’s an understanding that it is meant to take on whatever form or story the listener needs to hear. What's next for you?

We have our short film “The Beast” coming out on May 31st. Then we’re touring for most of the summer. We’re also about to record some new music that we’re really excited about.