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VYNYL Is The Eclectic Group Of Guys That Are Here Today With New Music To Share

VYNYL is the next band we bring to you BuzzMusic listeners. VYNYL will attract the electro pop listeners out there for sure! This band, comprised of John Tyler,  Andrew Cole, and Hunter Heurich, bring together each of their visions for what an eclectic and diverse-sounding song should sound like. Their sound is not quite like any other sound we’ve personally heard before to be quite honest—VYNYL catches your attention with their mesmerizing rhythms and haunting vocalism. They use a lot of hard-hitting beats to amplify the darker side to their music, and we’re all for it! The energy they push into the listener is rejuvenating, and we’re incredibly thankful that VYNYL is releasing new music, especially today!

We’re incredibly excited to pronounce that VYNYL dropped his latest track TODAY! VYNYL immediately starts his new track “Insomniac” off with the fun-loving upbeat rhythm found in almost every great pop hit! VYNYL really needs to be called out for his exceptional vocalism—the notes this artist can reach is insane! We were really blown away with the aggressive outtake VYNYL took on his single “Insomniac” in terms of lyrical execution. He really cracks down on perfecting the raw and rich aspect of his lyrics that can often be absent in pop songs. NYNYL loses us, entrances us even, with the mixture of varying melodies—we hear an incredible diverse mix of sounds on the producing part of this single, and all of the blended rhythms complement VYNYL’s tune perfectly. We love a song that can provide a feel-good vibe (who doesn’t like to feel good while listening to a track?!) and VYNYL delivers on all aspects! 

Give a listen to VYNYL’s “Insomniac” here, and don’t forget to read his exclusive interview below!

VYNYL! Can you tell our readers how you came up with your name?

The name was actually created as a joke - Andrew (Bassist) and I (Tyler) came up with the name after we had returned home from a record store, and were talking about how we wanted to start a band that was good enough to be pressed to vinyl - and how funny it would be to name that band "Vinyl" and then make our self titled album exclusively on a record, so it would be "Vinyl: Vinyl on vinyl) However, the name Vinyl was taken so we changed it to a "Y" and put it all caps, and VYNYL was born!

What kind of elements do you guys believe are integral to the curation of your sound?

I think that constantly discovering and exploring music from the past as well as the present has helped us grow and find what we really connect to - and we really try to capture emotions/vibes in our writing, both lyrically and musically.

How was the production of “Insomniac”? Did you find it difficult to create the exact vision you all had for the single?

I wouldn't say it was difficult at all! The initial idea was literally an afterthought that Hunter showed us after showing us a bunch of ideas he had that might work to be songs. When we heard that one we were like - Yeah, that's the one. We developed it with our producer and took it to Nashville to record, spent a week working with Lost Terra - who's an amazing producer - and cranked it out!

Who is each of yours top artist you look up to for musical guidance?

Andrew: David Bowie Logan: Young the Giant Hunter: Ryan Tedder Tyler: Prince

Are we going to hear more new releases from you guys in the near future?

Absolutely! We have another single being released in August, as well as an EP slated for a fall release.


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