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WØLFDARLING Welcomes Us To The "ghost empire"

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, is a brotherly duo and alternative rock band WØLFDARLING with their latest gripping and deeply personal new single, "ghost empire."

WØLFDARLING comprises Sam and Jack Urich, who never fail to impress audiences with their dynamic, melodic, and meaningful alt-rock tunes. Perhaps the duo's latest single is one of the most compelling of theirs to date.

The new single, "ghost empire," not only tracks Sam's first heartbreak but the role that dying from an illness played in the split. He explains that he started writing the song "When I was first encountering heartbreak. I finished writing this song when I was dying of an illness in 2012," adding that "there were other reasons, to be sure, but it was certainly inflamed by my sickness."

Produced by Chuck Alkazian at Pearl Sound Studios, the new single also features the lively drum stylings of Jason Hartless.

Jumping into "ghost empire," we're greeted with Sam's crunchy rhythm guitar alongside his melodic and warm vocals that set the tone with vast emotion, anguish, and confusion. As Hartless' drums begin pounding through our speakers, he ramps up the energy while Jack's thumping bass gives the song added rhythm and drive.

What's interesting is how WØLFDARLING blasts into the radiant and harmonious hook while subtly traversing into this weirdly feel-good and inclusive space, possibly representing the point of acceptance during a relationship's end. We adore the minimal nods to punk-rock alongside Sam's thrilling vocal performance; he truly depicts every ounce of pain, physical and emotional, he experienced during such confusing times.

Allow WØLFDARLING to help you find meaning in loss with their latest cathartic single, "ghost empire," now available on all streaming platforms.

You've genuinely left your mark with your recent emotional and deeply personal single, "ghost empire." Could you describe the moment you felt compelled to create this cathartic song?

I am warmed by your kind words. Yes, the song came together a bit like a patchwork monster. I started the tune years ago when I was in high school. Then certain events occurred that further imbued the song with life. I became sick at the end of high school, and this bled into many things, including playing a part in the split between my girlfriend and I and a major shift in perspective on existence. I was dying. And I knew it. The last thing I wanted was to bring her down with me, so I let her go. And spent a lot of my time contemplating death, shifting between fits of acceptance to outright wrath toward my illness.

Do you feel that the end product, "ghost empire," represents those tragic moments you were aiming to display? How were you able to tell that it was complete?

I will say that I am happy with how this recording turned out. There are always things an artist may want to change or adjust as we are growing beings. But that is the beauty of art; it is frozen in space, both timeless and time-bound, intimately depicting a moment in your life. However, the artwork is never complete. It is only gently abandoned. You say what you come to say and then let it live on its own. If we keep "fixing" our art to "perfection" then we will never get our song out to listeners! You just need to feel when it is time to let it be and stand on its own.

How did producer Chuck Alkazian help execute your vision and goal for "ghost empire"? How did he give the song an added boost?

Chuck has been at this for a long time, and he offered many tips that helped shape the song. His ear comes with natural affinity and years of experience. So there are parts of the song that Chuck advised we shift a little here or try this there. He has worked with many rock artists as well, and with this being our grittiest song so far, he helped boost that kind of sound.

How do you want "ghost empire" to impact your audience? What do you want them to take away?

I will not tell my listeners how to feel when listening to my music, for, just like medicine interacts uniquely when exposed to different bodies, music is the same (it is medicine, after all). So every listener may hear a different message or find a different note that strikes them. However, the underlying emotion to all our songs is the battle cry that you are NOT alone, that we are here to hold you as long as it takes, and that making peace with your shadow leads to transcendence.

What's next for you?

What's next? Well, first, I want to finish this semester with my brain still intact…but after that, it will be more writing until we get back in the studio. I will be shipping out to Sweden for a study abroad this summer, and I will be bringing my notebooks, as I imagine many lyrics and poetic verses will bloom in that beautiful land. WØLFDARLING will be returning to the forest for a few moons, but we will return with many new sounds for you, our tribe! Keep an ear out for our call!


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