W3 Entertainment Group Releases a Fresh Mixtape Packed With Independent Artists

W3 Entertainment Group ups the game for independent artists by releasing a fiery mixtape jam-packed full of passionate artists on the rise titled, "Who Hot? Vol. 1." Hailing from Atlantic City, the independent record label and music distributor works with upcoming artists who aspire to reach international demand.

By providing artists tailored services to their specific needs, W3 Entertainment Group created a needed platform for these deserving and talented artists. With the release of their mixtape "Who Hot? Vol. 1," we can hear the musical stylings of artists like Daniel San, Jørdvn, K. Young, Yung Cheeze, King Lite, Billy Badnewz, and more. We've decided to go a step further and introduce you to a couple of our favorite tracks on the mixtape.

A hot hip-hop/trap beat creeps its way into our ears with Billy Badnewz's track "No Shooter." Opening with haunting violin strings and a plucky melodic synth, the supporting melodies flawlessly add this heated aspect perfect for a fiery trap beat to kick in. Once the beat drops alongside Billy Badnewz's bars, there's truly no turning back. Billy jumps into this heavy and primal flow and bounces his bars on the electrifying beat. He raps an intimidating message and exudes infectious power while switching up his delivery several times to add depth and texture to his bars. Billy Badnewz goes in with nothing but heat on "No Shooter," and has us eager to continue this great mixtape.

Onto the exhilarating and self-assured track by Daniel San, "Great" expresses this profound sensation from the very first beat. Opening with bright acoustic guitar melodies, we're quickly met with the toe-tapping trap beat. Daniel San channels greatness with this track, as his flow is so quick and witty yet expels a clear message. Feeling like one of the greats, Daniel San goes in and blasts the rap game out of the water with his self-assured tone. With many dynamic twists and turns, Daniel San changes up his flow and grooves along with the steady beat while emphasizing different sections of the track. An overall catchy and bouncy trap song, "Great," has us feeling some type of way.

Daniel San's talent paints a perfect picture of what to expect from the entire mixtape "Who Hot? Vol. 1," not to mention Billy Badnewz and the various skilled artists who make up the project. Not only are we highly appreciative of the work that W3 Entertainment Group has put in to help independent artists, but we were truly gifted with a unique hip-hop experience through "Who Hot? Vol. 1."

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