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Walk a Mile in Milky's Shoes With His Vulnerable Offering of "I Miss you Mum"

Brighton-based Rap artist Milky is keeping it local by releasing his debut single “I Miss You Mum” on We Are Not Saints, a non-profit record label and live music company that solely works with musicians in recovery from alcoholism and addiction. A recovering addict himself, Milky’s progression as a musician was hindered by his addiction, but since his sobriety, this hindrance has transformed into a perpetual fuel that has not only ignited his passion for music but has allowed him to work on a debut album which is now nearing completion.

Milky’s past has become a canvas to help him make his music and in turn, his finished art reaches out to people who have been through the same struggles. He has a real passion for helping others and that molds perfectly with We Are Not Saints, together they will be sure to bring music lovers and the recovery and sober communities together.

We have to admit that even before pressing play, the anticipation that surges throughout our being is rather heightened as we’re eager to experience the vulnerability that Milky portrays through “I Miss You Mum.”

The melancholic instrumentation is focused on major piano chords, sparse drum patterns, and energy so raw and emotionally gripping that you feel the composition more than you hear it. Milky conveys a message that is crucial in today’s day and age, surrounding the themes of addiction, loss, and anyone struggling with mental health. The heartrending lyrical motifs that flood our speakers are a profound tribute that goes out to Milky's mother, who passed away when he was only seven years of age.

While openly discussing the personal experience that he has endured in his journey of grief, he hopes to reach an audience out there struggling with similar experiences that he has undergone himself. As he passionately raps his verses and flexes his lyrical dexterity in a way that showcases emotion, and undeniable technique, we admire the clear and present tone that hails from his prevailing vocal delivery.

Milky truly outdoes himself in “I Miss You Mum,” as we thrive on the authentically genuine soundscape that implants hope into those listening far and wide.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Milky, and congratulations on the release of this touching single. We appreciate what it took for you to be as honest as you did on “I Miss You Mum.” Tapping into a headspace that is so personal to you, did you find this a fairly easy subject to write about, or did it fall into a more difficult category in terms of getting it onto paper?

Well, it just came naturally, as I heard the music the song just came to me. It took years for this song to come to me but as soon as I started writing it that was it, I was away. I was writing it, crying my eyes out and smiling at the same time. It was an emotional song to write, the most emotional song I have ever written, and it was all a bit overwhelming. When Jay sent me the instrumental a different song ‘Through the Rain’ was supposed to go over it but it just didn’t fit and then I just wrote the first verse about my mum and I thought I’ve got something here and then I wrote the chorus, the second verse, the third verse and then I was like wow I did it, a song about my mum.

How has it been working with We Are Not Saints? Could you please share a glimpse of how this connection between you came to be?

As I came out of rehab, I was literally two or three weeks out one of my friends from recovery sent me the advert of We Are Not Saints about how they help recovering addicts with their music and getting their dreams back. So, I sent them a little taster of my music and they loved it, and then I went for an interview, and it all just fell into place. It’s been amazing ever since and it’s literally helped me grow from strength to strength in my creativity. This is the first time in my life where someone actually believes in me like properly believes in me and that’s helped massively, it’s helped me realize I am good at what I do rather than listen to my addict brain telling me I am not good at what I do and everyone’s laughing at me. Yeah, they’ve lit me up, that’s what they’ve done!

From creating “I Miss You Mum,” to this present moment, have you found a shift in your state of mind?

Have I found a shift in my state of mind, urrrm YES! It’s helped me grieve a little bit more, especially making the video and to hear the song so many times since releasing it. It all started as an idea in my head, and then it's all been put together and now it’s out there and people are actually listening to it. It helps me grow in different ways, in the music, with my music, and also grow in connection with my mum's spirit I suppose. It’s really helped me to help others, I’ve got people reaching out to me saying about their mums and dads passing away and how the song has helped them. I guess dominantly music is what’s always on my mind but this has really helped me process my grief for my parents, and performing for We Are Not Saints has helped me too, with my confidence and my anxieties. I would say my state of mind is the best it’s ever been. What is the main message that you hope your listeners take away from this release?

That we can grow from bad situations and that our loved ones that have passed will always be with us spiritually. Yeah they’ll always be looking down on us and it’s hard but you can keep moving forward making them proud.

What are your plans for the rest of 2021? Are there any further releases planned?

I’ve got my second single ‘Monkey on my Shoulder’ coming on 19th July and my album ‘The Milky Way’ is out at the end of August. Other than that just keep creating, I’ve already got another album half-written. Live performances are the main thing when we can. More live performances, busking in Brighton, live performances with Deiphos Jay acoustic style and gigs with We Are Not Saints. And yeah, getting back in the studio.

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