Walk Through The 'Funhouse Mirror' With Vinyl Floor’s Fifth Album

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark is the folk-rock band and brotherly duo Vinyl Floor with the anticipated release of their 10-track fifth studio album, Funhouse Mirror.

Vinyl Floor is comprised of brothers Thomas Charlie Pedersen and Daniel Pedersen. Having formed the band in 2007, Vinyl Floor has since played more than 150 shows while touring countries like Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Now releasing their highly-anticipated fifth studio album, Funhouse Mirror, let's get to the goods and see what Vinyl Floor has been up to.

The new album kicks off with the anthemic introductory track, "Anything You Want," rolling through our speakers with a lively rock instrumental. Vinyl Floor sets the album's tone with this vibrant and exciting track that displays all the love and passion we could ask for. Everything from the catchy melodies to the feel-good instrumentals brings a sense of rejuvenation that any listener will appreciate.

Slowing down the groove with track number two, "Clock With No Hands," Vinyl Floor spins us into a more introspective and jazzy vibe with rhythmic piano chords, groovy drums, and their unique vocal performances. It's a passionate song that sees the lead vocalist confessing his love for someone special and knowing they can't find that love anywhere else. This song is a great way to get to know the dynamic and charismatic stylings of Vinyl Floor.

Keeping the emotion at a high is track number three, "Between Lines Undone," which kicks off with melancholy and grim melodies that linger into the first verse. Vinyl Floor's lyrics and melodies in this song dance into more personal and emotional themes, depicting the realization that all signs point to someone special. The song's gentle harmonies and soft brass section, alongside the savory instrumentals, truly make for an engaging listening experience.

The album's fourth track, "Dear Apollon," opens on a similar soft and gentle note with soothing percussion and tender piano melodies that lead into Vinyl Floor's beautiful vocal portrayals and intimate lyrics. This song is another sincere experience that sees Vinyl Floor asking for a sign on where to go next and wishing for some clarity on this confusing road. The unison vocal harmonies and gentle clarinet bring listeners deep into nostalgic musical experiences that feel like a warm embrace.

Reaching the album's fifth track and mid-way point, "Ever, The Optimist," Vinyl Floor ramps up the energy and good vibes with spirited folk/rock instrumentals and their uniquely charismatic performances. It's a playful and upbeat song that perfectly showcases Vinyl Floor's dynamic instrumentals and their conceptual lyrics about "Ever, The Optimist" and his many tales. It's a feel-good and quite humorous song that brings a ray of light to the album.

Kicking up the energy and emotion is track number six, "Pretty Predictable," which rips through our speakers with groaning electric guitar riffs and haunting melodies alongside punchy drums and gripping vocals. It's a chilling listening experience that sees Vinyl Floor jumping into their affinity with rock music while smashing our speakers in the heaviest melodies to portray the song's deep, groundbreaking emotion. This turbulent and haunting track is perhaps our favorite from the album.

Onto the album's seventh song and title track, "Funhouse Mirror," Vinyl Floor takes us down a path reminiscent of The Beatles' Magic Mystery Tour but with a modern alternative/folk twist. The blend of warm piano melodies and crunchy electric guitars alongside the lead singer's crooning vocals truly make this song a breath of fresh air. It's another dynamic and deeply engaging song that perfectly encapsulates not only the album but the skill and musical prowess that Vinyl Floor delivers time and again.

Sinking into the eighth track, "Death Of A Poet," Vinyl Floor takes us into the depths of emotion with melancholy piano melodies and crooning vocals that depict guilty situations and grieving those who've impacted us. Before we know it, Vinyl Floor shifts into this funhouse carnival vibe to ramp up the passion and energy while adding a dash of their playful personalities. It's quite the cinematic and cathartic listening experience that closes like the end of a major motion picture.

Turning up the energy is track number nine, "Stare, Scare," which pumps through our speakers with heavy rock instrumentals and beaming sci-fi synths to kick it all into gear. Vinyl Floor's grunge influence in this song brings another dynamic layer to the album that we're happy to peel back. It's an invigorating track that rumbles and roars with groaning rock instrumentals and tightly-knit guitar riffs alongside pounding drums that take us to the harmonious outro without a dull moment.

Landing on the album's tenth and outro track, "Days," Vinyl Floor wastes no time and jumps into their shimmering and cinematic instrumentals. The song's peaceful and warm vocals bless us with the sweetest melodies while sharing intimate moments and experiences that encourage us to enjoy each day, especially the little moments. It's a vibrant song that perfectly closes the album with such beautifully arranged instrumentals, while Vinyl Floor sends us to the outro with the utmost power and passion.

When you're looking for your next music treat to indulge in, look no further than the stimulating and gripping experience that is Vinyl Floor's fifth album, the 10-track Funhouse Mirror, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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