Wanduni And Oozeela Collaborate To Create “Still Searching”

Wanduni was born and raised in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Wanduni witnessed the disturbing 10 years of war that took place in Sierra Leone. He found interest in hip-hop in 1996. He began writing and recording his music in 1999, in Krio, his country’s local language. Wanduni‘s silky vocals and his West African R&B style is very unique and catchy. After moving to Canada in 2006, Wanduni decided to continue his music career in a new language and new setting. His music has no barriers, his music and lyrics are highly influenced by his experiences back home. Specifically from his experience of a devastating rebel war and struggling with his resettlement in Canada.

“Still Searching” Ft. Oozeela is the sort of classic single you can easily imagine music fans turning to for many years to come. “Still Searching” offers the kind of good vibes and good intentions that light up the distant corners of a festival, bringing together anyone and everyone, creating a warmth and a sense of unity in this shared love for the moment. It spreads feelings of discovery and soul-searching, allowing people of all backgrounds to benefit from its purity. Wandunihas a great sound, and a magnetic way with melodies and performance. It’s highly likely we’ll be hearing a lot more of this song throughout 2019 and years to come!

Listen to “Still Searching” Ft. Oozeela here and keep scrolling to read more with Wanduni

Hey Wanduni! For those who don’t know, how would you describe your sound and style as an artist?

I would like to think my sound comes from a blend of music genres I listened to growing up. I am from Sierra Leone; therefore, I listened to a lot of traditional Sierra Leonean music. In my household, my mom and aunties also listened to reggae a lot. As I grew older, I started hanging out with my cousins that liked hip hop, and they introduced me to it. I started listening to hip hop music as well. So when you listen to my music, you can sense that it has traditional African sound mixed with hip hop and reggae.

What can you tell us about the new single “Still Searching”? How did it come to be, and what does it represent for you?

Still Searching is a song I wrote to share my experience resettling in Canada. The song came about when my longtime producer, a friend of mine, and also a dope rapper Kaz Mega played me a couple of beats he had made for artists to choose from. A beat stood out, it sounded like a reverse reggae beat. I thought it would be great to write something deep to the beat. I thought about telling a story from my life. I decided to write something that can resonate with people going through the struggle of resettling in a place quite different from where they grew up. In the song, I talked about resettling in Canada, going through the ups and downs, still working hard to a better life while remaining true to myself.

What do you hope people take away from the song?

I wanted people to know about the struggle we face when we leave Africa and come to North America. We are thankful for the opportunities, but it feels like our lives start all over. For example, Our academic or other types of achievements that we come with are barely recognized here. So you have to be really determined and very strong-minded to start your life all over to make something out of yourself. I also want people to understand that while someone is Still Searching and working hard to better his or her future, being true to what that person believes in is very important in the journey.

How did you come to collaborate with Oozeela?

I had met Oozeela through Kaz. I had listened to his music before, and I am a fan of his music. He is a very talented guy with a great personality. I knew he was a good fit for the song. So I reached out and he was willing to work on the song with me. We recorded the song but did not release it right away. I kept it with me. As the years went by, we became good collaborators and friends. We worked on some music together for a project I was working on. During this time, we talked about the song and decided to re-record our vocals. This time we figured the song was ready to come out, so we released it.

What are your plans creatively over the coming months and years?

I am currently working on an album called “War and Love Stories” to be released in 2020 Spring. Still Searching is kind of like the first single off that project. We just shot the video for Still Searching which will be out soon. In October I will release another song called “African Ghetto”. Look out for that. In the coming years, I am just going to be working on music, and hope my music gets heard.


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